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Saving the World: The Systematic Enablers of Climate Change

Obamacare, Income Inequality, and the National Debt are the biggest U.S. political issues of today. However, no one has put much emphasis on climate change’s record pace. Bringing about natural disasters and increasing temperatures, the human race stares extinction in the face yet it barely cracks the top 10 political issues list. In addition to impending doom, global warming can […]

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Dumb Grid, Dumb Congress

The 90s: twenty mass power outages a year, Today we have a hundred, I fear. Extreme weather events, while Congress snores, And down a proverbial rat hole, some $50 billion pours.   A century ago, we funded progress and beyond, And laid power grid foundations — now Congress yawns Population rises, technology explodes, but leaders and leadership simply implode.   […]

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Pentagon Investigates Itself: ‘We are Innocent’

By Tom Hastings @ Hastings on Nonviolence The US military message machine never sleeps, is everywhere, and spends $billions on being dominant in the category of conflict turn-to sources for members of the American mainstream media. Editors want experts and they want experts who have been on the ground and can offer informed analysis. Editors are also on a budget […]

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“The Price of Pleasure” – Porn Industry

By: Daniel Amston The Price of Pleasure is a documentary examining the effects that the commercial porn industry has had, and will continue to have, on our society. It examines not only the general undertones of exploitation, manipulation, and degradation featured in many mainstream porn films but also the leading causes as to how our society got to this point […]

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The End Of The U.S.A.

Shared by Tom Hastings @ Hasting on Nonviolence Back in 1977 The New York Times began taking polls of how Americans feel about Congress. Not until this week, with the clearly craven Congressional inability to stand up for the rights and aspirations of average Americans, has the disapproval rating sunk to a startling low of 82 percent. This record low […]

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Take Back The Capitol – Occupy Washington D.C., Dec. 5-9

Next week the 99% are taking Congress back from the 1%. Hundreds of activists and jobless workers from around the country are coming to Washington to fight for JOBS, not cuts. There’s going to be a massive occupation on the National Mall. We’re going to swarm Congress with thousands of visits and calls for extending unemployment insurance and creating GOOD […]

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Occupy the Pentagon

By: Tom Hastings @ Hastings on Nonviolence Wall Street is certainly a locus of appropriate focus for a movement that hopes to break the cycle of extreme disparity of wealth and income in our world, but the Pentagon may actually be a better place to contend. Why? Without violence or the threat of violence, the global disparity–which was apparently not […]

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Obama’s “Buffet Rule” Declares “Class Warfare”

By: Jim Messina Campaign Manager Obama for America This morning, the President proposed the “Buffett Rule,” which would require those earning more than $1 million a year to pay the same share of their income in taxes as middle-class families do. This proposal makes sure millionaires and billionaires share the responsibility for reducing the deficit. It would correct, for example, […]

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Ms. Henry I am a writer who does not write as much as I should. I have some talent, but I do not have the passion that is truly necessary to be a writer because most of my passion is being used to find full-time employment. It’s hard being a writer when you are broke as hell. I need money and […]

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Osama bin Laden Could Have Been Gone Sooner?

By Jim Hoover Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader responsible for thousands of deaths, is dead. An eight-month-long investigation of a suspected compound deep inside Pakistan led to a plan to erase bin Laden. After Obama ordered a small Special Forces team to attack the compound, a resulting fire fight led to the killing of bin Laden and the custody […]

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