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Amanda Todd: Cyberbullying Out-of-Control

This is the one.  If ever there was one event that got a little too deep under my skin, this is it.  If ever there was one teen suicide that illustrated as clearly as the day is long that it is beyond time for us to stop talking about this and start getting our hands dirty trying to fix it, this […]

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Emily hugged her knees to her chest a little tighter.  It was going on eleven pm. Eight hours, it was her mantra. In eight hours the sun would crack through the March sky and give her some relief, some warmth and some safety.  She hated the night time with a passion.  Eight, eight, eight, she hummed to herself rocking a […]

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The Future of Bittorrent Technology: Is There Hope for the Pirates?

By: Arkein As a downloader and self proclaimed pirate through and through, I have been illegally downloading copyrighted material since Napster first became popular. I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a store and paid for an album or an overpriced movie. I do, however, remember asking my mom if I could download the peer to peer […]

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