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Saving the World: The Systematic Enablers of Climate Change

Obamacare, Income Inequality, and the National Debt are the biggest U.S. political issues of today. However, no one has put much emphasis on climate change’s record pace. Bringing about natural disasters and increasing temperatures, the human race stares extinction in the face yet it barely cracks the top 10 political issues list. In addition to impending doom, global warming can […]

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Dumb Grid, Dumb Congress

The 90s: twenty mass power outages a year, Today we have a hundred, I fear. Extreme weather events, while Congress snores, And down a proverbial rat hole, some $50 billion pours.   A century ago, we funded progress and beyond, And laid power grid foundations — now Congress yawns Population rises, technology explodes, but leaders and leadership simply implode.   […]

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Death of a Planet

By OcJim Feckless Republicans and mealy-mouthed Democrats are willing to forsake the livelihood, indeed the future of the planet, for a comparatively few shekels and short-term comfort. To justify their impersonation of viable human beings, many say that climate change, supported by 99% of the world’s scientists, is a fraud. Are you going to believe a politician who is on […]

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