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Scam/Hoax: Climate Change or Right-Wing Thinking?

After 52 passengers were rescued from a research ship trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve, right-wing fixtures of radio and TV unctuously mocked and ridiculed not only global warming claims but also the climate change scientists who tried to record its signs. Such ridicule is akin to going to a Green Bay Packer game in January and saying a […]

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Dirt to Dirt

What other reaction are we supposed to experience when learning of the atrocity committed in Connecticut on Friday? When an event occurs such as the one that took the lives of 27 people at an elementary school just after morning class had started, and when a situation exists that practically mandates for these massacres to happen, why are we surprised? The only […]

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Lifeless in Gaza

A few days ago Israel began yet another systematic campaign of destruction against Gaza. Israel has always been ‘at war’ with the Palestinian citizens trapped in the enclaves of Gaza and the West Bank, but since Israeli settlers moved away from the Gaza Strip in 2005 there has been an increasingly violent campaign focused specifically on the 1.7 million people […]

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Not the Average American Family

My family would not be considered “normal” by societal standards because I am an unmarried African American single mother. I have three children and I have been a parent since I was sixteen. I was not trying to become a single parent at the age of sixteen but I did so there is no use over crying over spilt milk […]

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Mitt Romney: No Future For Our Children

In 2006, Romney’s administration refused to let an anti-bullying guide be published because it contained the words “bisexual” and “transgender”.

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Time and Me and Shakespeare Too

Never thought this rebel without a cause would find a way to make it into my third decade… But somehow life held me close and kept me around to take on the role of wife and mother.

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Shutting the Barn Door on Hate

The insidious pattern of hate and tragedy brings to mind the old adage that it’s too late to shut the barn door after the horse has run away.

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Equality Starts in the Classroom

According to the Center for Disease Control, just having a gay straight alliance group in a school dramatically decreases depression, marijuana and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts and unexcused absences, imagine the positive outcome if an inclusive history were taught.

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Asperger’s Syndrome and Being Bullied

There was a very sobering video posted today on the facebook blog page, courtesy of Stop Teenage Suicide and Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook.  Sobering because it was a mother telling how her 5-year-old son had been bullied to the point where he wanted to die.  Five years old!!!  There can’t be a more resounding wake-up call than that. The story […]

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Makin’ a Bad Ting Good

Last year saw the debut of a new children’s TV show in Britain, adapted from a successful series of children’s books, as a lot of kid’s TV is. The only trouble is that, rather than being yet another show about talking animals who repeat the same moral messages Sesame Street has done since 1969, this one aims for a more complex […]

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