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A Traveling Woman

In the spring of this year, a decision that I made last fall will come to fruit and will change my life profoundly for better or worse. I will be leaving Chicago, the city where I have resided my entire life to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Employment opportunities in Chicago are scarce and the daily urban violence is slowly killing […]

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The Makeover

If I were an illustrator, I would create cartoons to represent people like me (Obama voters) before and after Tuesday’s historic election. Since I cannot draw to save my soul, however, I shall try to describe what my pictures would look like. THE “BEFORE ” CARTOON. Group A—several wealthy, white, sexist, racist, homophobic, suit-wearing men. Group B–a straight woman, a […]

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Mr. Mulberry

I am one of those unusual anomalies you find when thinking of political and ideological combinations: a male feminist. I proudly follow and support feminist voices, organisations, individuals and legislation in Britain, as well as the international feminist movements (such as increasing awareness of the Republican Party’s war on women, a literal and mainstream example of the inherent misogyny of […]

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The Lamest Duck

Since our government has no fixed term of office (unlike most civilised nations), Cameron can push back his termination of office to 2015, but how he could ever rescue the possibility of re-election seems non-existent. (I say ‘re-election’ for sake of argument; the reality is no one voted for this Frankenstein’s monster of a government.)

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The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood

By: Daniel Welsh So what was so radical about the American Revolution? Well, Gordon Wood, professor of history emeritus at Brown University, proposes that the radicalism that sustained and bred society as we know it wasn’t quite that radical. In fact, most of us today would probably scoff at how un-radical the ideas and policies of the American Revolution were […]

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Facebook Gas Boycott and Unicorns

By: Geoffrey Yonil Cairo did it, why can’t we? I wonder if that was the thought process behind this new fad to make Facebook groups and events to boycott big oil this March? Obviously it’s not that simple; it never is. Sarah Thompson, one of the fad starters, claimed that she was compelled to create the event in order tell […]

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