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Christie: Remorse Done; Bully Back!

Details on the Gibson, Dunn and Cruccher report, intended to exonerate Chris Christie of all Bridgegate blame, stands out as a heavy-handed attempt to not only verbally exalts Christie but  also attempts to steer attention to Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien. It appears to be dramatized, prepared and calculated to cover all probable prosecution bases that will be covered in […]

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by / on February 19, 2014 at 1:28 pm / in Culture, Editorials, Media, News

O’Reilly’s Love Fest

I would wonder if even the most stricken Bill O’Reilly fans could stomach the narcissistic love fest Bill engaged in after his interview with President Obama on Super Bowl weekend. Even Steven Colbert’s excellent parody couldn’t equal real life – that is if you aren’t blinded by decades of odious self-idolatry on decades of O’Reilly’s shows. The pity is that […]

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Christie Slush Fund?

Why do I wonder if Chris Christie will ever be held accountable for the appearance of using our federal tax dollars as his own political slush fund? There is a great deal of evidence that he is using over a billion dollars in Sandy funds as punishment or reward money for his political agenda. We are all weary of the […]

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No One is Born a Man

Will I ever be a real man? I can feel my breasts moving inside my binder, rubbing together, I feel so uncomfortable. I struggle to breathe. I close my eyes to clear my head but then I fear someone may hurt me.

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Chris Christie — Another Bush?

Bush won big in Texas in 1998. Chris Christie won big in New Jersey in 2013. Both based their presidential strength on big wins, but Christie on bi-partisan agreements as well — the latter thanks to bargaining with a Democrat power broker, Norcross. Christie is a politician full of bravado, bully and bluster. Perhaps all three of these personality traits […]

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Amanda Todd: Cyberbullying Out-of-Control

This is the one.  If ever there was one event that got a little too deep under my skin, this is it.  If ever there was one teen suicide that illustrated as clearly as the day is long that it is beyond time for us to stop talking about this and start getting our hands dirty trying to fix it, this […]

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To My 7th Grade Self…

Maybe there’s something to this.  Last week, I did a bit of “time-traveling”.  Almost simultaneously, there was a powerful video released called “To My 7th Grade Self”.  Brilliant idea!  If only we could. Our collective minds were in the same place.  Telling my 7th grade self to get it together and move on would be a life-changing event.  I know that, now. […]

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Christie not Spelled ‘Christ’

By Jim Hoover Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is being courted to run for president. Perhaps it relates to his extremism. The Republican base likes radical right-wingers. How can we identify his right-wing stripe? Look at him, listen to him, and watch him. He is large. He is loud. He is a bully. He shows evidence of hypocrisy. He […]

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