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No Rights from Wrongs

As has predictably happened, the entire debate about gun control has spiralled into the realm of farce and lies, with the Sandy Hook massacre now long forgotten. The issue has shifted away from the murder of innocent children and the saturation of American society and culture with guns and violence and now onto a pretentious ‘argument’ about the Second Amendment, […]

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A Real Imagined Community

The Paralympics have finished, the euphoria has died down, and the weather is quickly getting colder. After one of the most blistering, enjoyable and exhausting Olympic/Paralympic games in modern history, this small island is fast reverting back to the status quo and hurriedly forgetting this extremely brief diversion. In Britain it is September, which means the beginning of the latest education cycle, […]

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This Year’s Olympics

Any foreigner in Britain in 2012 must think the country was going through another world war. The amount of jingoism, flag-waving, anthem singing and hyperbole spilling out of the national media has gone into overdrive, suddenly proclaiming this country to be the ‘greatest country ever’, a claim that hasn’t been exercised with such arrogant emphasis for the best part of a […]

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Tat’s Life

Tattoos are one of the very few creative acts you can do completely independently: poems can go unpublished, paintings unsold, music unbought, films unwatched, but tattoos are instant and permanent works of art that can be added to, erased, reconfigured and redrawn an infinite number of times

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Retro in the Extreme

America’s government may be deeply infiltrated and corrupted by big business, but Britain’s system does not even have the coherent artifice of accountable and electable government.

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The Lamest Duck

Since our government has no fixed term of office (unlike most civilised nations), Cameron can push back his termination of office to 2015, but how he could ever rescue the possibility of re-election seems non-existent. (I say ‘re-election’ for sake of argument; the reality is no one voted for this Frankenstein’s monster of a government.)

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A Long Way From Port Stanley

April 2nd 2012 was the 30th anniversary since the army of Argentina made an amphibious landing around the settlement of Port Stanley, the largest town on a miserable, lonely speck of land stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that goes by the name of Islas Malvinas, or, as the British overseers call it, the Falklands Islands. Over the […]

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One Expensive Party

Tucked away in the lower echelons of today’s news, and rather reluctantly presented, is the story of two pre-university age teenagers who have taken the government to court over its decision, courtesy of ‘Business Secretary’ Vince Cable, to allow unversities across England (but not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, because those countries still value young, working-class people as human beings) […]

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A Very Grey Country; Britain

I live in Britain, known informally by the rest of the world as ‘England’, whose official name is the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ a state that has only been in existence for less than 80 years. Despite being legally unified with Wales in the 1530s, we only became ‘Great Britain’ when the Act of Union in […]

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