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Is There Really Any Question about Choice?

We need to look at the heart-breaking, painful, or distressing circumstances behind many women’s choice for abortion in order to approach this topic with the integrity it deserves.

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Why We Shouldn’t Overturn Roe v. Wade (yet): A Pro-lifer’s Point of View

I was never really good at picking sides. When my friends would argue and then ask me to weigh in, more often than not I told them I was on my side, not anyone else’s, and promptly invoked Switzerland status. The reasoning behind this is that I usually agreed with (or could at least concede to) parts of what each […]

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Are You There Margaret? It’s Us, Generation X.

 As we end women’s history month I feel compelled to bring up one of the most influential women in America, whose beliefs and compassion for the poor and uneducated have had a direct affect on how we live today: Margaret Sanger.  In 1914, Margaret Sanger launched the magazine The Woman Rebel: No Gods, No Masters, whose goal was to bring information […]

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Majority of Catholic Woman Use Birth Control Condemned by Church

By: Daniel Mosh Birth control has had a precarious relationship with the Catholic Church in the past. Since the inception of oral contraception, i.e. The Pill, in the 1960s and the legalization of abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973, the Catholic Church has perhaps been the most vocal opponents of any form of birth control that deviates from its […]

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NH Primary and Politicians: Quotes and Responses

By OcJim Experiencing the insanity of several self-absorbed Republican candidates, I have put together some thoughts for and responses to politicians, especially the Republicans who have mottled the public [pubic] airwaves with their self-serving babble and Bible. For Rick Santorum, his stands on sex, birth control, abortion, and marriage: Life begins at erection (Bill Maher). Marriage is for a transgender. […]

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A Village Without Love: The Sad & Sorry State of the Black Community

There has been an ongoing war between the sexes in the Black community for decades and it is time for it to end because it’s pathetic and the only people hurting are the children. 70% of Black children reside in a single parent household; usually the mother and Black children are highly overrepresented in the foster care system. Although Blacks […]

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