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Ryan’s Ode to Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a novelist, an atheist, and a philosopher, especially beloved by libertarians and conservative, free-market advocates. Her belief in “rational self-interest” saw virtue in greed and evil in altruism. Her philosophy helped justify the conservative agenda of reverse Robin Hood, giving to the rich and taking from everyone else. Republicans, including Paul Ryan, like to parrot her ideas […]

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Owners of America

By OcJim If you are even partially tuned in, you most likely know something about facts of mal-distribution of income: the rich are getting richer and the middle class and the poor, poorer. You probably also know the right vs. left debate: the rich deserve their wealth and the market naturally rewards them; the middle class and the poor don’t […]

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Having Ayn Rand Over for Tea

Since the inception of the Tea Party movement in late 2007, the protestors and members of the party have continually bastardized and misquoted the thoughts and theories of the Founding Fathers and other less capable thinkers, like Ayn Rand.

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