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Hidden Camera Investigation Reveals An Oil Change Scam

Dishonesty in the workplace isn’t always just between co-workers or bosses and employees. An undercover investigation into an Oil Change & Service chain revealed some shocking and quite blatant FRAUD happening right in front of the customers. Customers were lied to, sold products and services they didn’t need, and in most cases NONE of the work was even performed! Watch […]

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No Rights from Wrongs

As has predictably happened, the entire debate about gun control has spiralled into the realm of farce and lies, with the Sandy Hook massacre now long forgotten. The issue has shifted away from the murder of innocent children and the saturation of American society and culture with guns and violence and now onto a pretentious ‘argument’ about the Second Amendment, […]

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The Makeover

If I were an illustrator, I would create cartoons to represent people like me (Obama voters) before and after Tuesday’s historic election. Since I cannot draw to save my soul, however, I shall try to describe what my pictures would look like. THE “BEFORE ” CARTOON. Group A—several wealthy, white, sexist, racist, homophobic, suit-wearing men. Group B–a straight woman, a […]

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In memory of September 12th, 2001

I will always remember the events of 9-11 and the decade that has followed. But I mourn far more the loss of what we as Americans shared on 9-12 2001

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Are You There Margaret? It’s Us, Generation X.

 As we end women’s history month I feel compelled to bring up one of the most influential women in America, whose beliefs and compassion for the poor and uneducated have had a direct affect on how we live today: Margaret Sanger.  In 1914, Margaret Sanger launched the magazine The Woman Rebel: No Gods, No Masters, whose goal was to bring information […]

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If I Ran the World: The Ideal Educational System for America

The role that the educational system should play in the lives of individuals is to educate them to be conscious, critically thinking individuals who do not passively accept knowledge but question the knowledge that is being taught to them. Education should be taught to give students the skills and intelligence they need to understand the world and how it works […]

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Ron Paul’s Ineptness

By: Jack Synten Since James Kirchick’s 2008 discovery of Ron Paul old (though not that old) newsletters from the nineties, Paul has been back-tracking quite a bit. His newsletters expose Paul’s tendencies towards the conspiratorial, as he espouses ideas that a “race war” is soon to begin, the IRS is going to send agents to people’s house with AK-47s, and […]

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The Gay Veteran that Bit Down on Romney

By: Gary Montil From Politico 12/12/2011: “Mitt Romney, while touring the Chez Vachon restaurant in Manchester, sat down at a table with two older men, one of whom was wearing a ‘Vietnam Veteran’ hat. “Bob Garon, 63, of Epsom, N.H., asked Romney if he, as president would seek to overturn New Hampshire’s law legalizing gay marriage. Romney gave his standard […]

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Herman Cain’s Campaign: Cheap Parlor Tricks

By: Gregory Festley Many reasons can, and have, been given to why Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race. The most obvious, of course, is the recent developments made in the past month and a half or so of all of Cain’s sexual improprieties. But I don’t believe that was the reason his campaign failed. No, I think it […]

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Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned – Or Not? Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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