Syria: Please Help us; World: Nah Fuck That

Syria: Please Help us; World: Nah Fuck That

By: Malachi Cane

In March 2011, the people of Syria took to the streets to protest after a group of students who displayed anti-government messages were brutally tortured by their government. In response to the protest, Syrian’s government responded with martial law, killing anybody that would dare talk against the government.

These actions sparked anger among the people, and protests spread throughout the country, giving a steady rise to a revolution and leaving a country in civil war. “President” (I use the term lightly) Bashar al-Assad, decided to deploy the army into his own country, killing civilians in the search for total power over the country.

Luckily some of Mr. al-Assad’s troops decided that killing civilians was inhuman and turned against their government. Ever since the turning of some troops against Mr. al-Assad’s government, Syria has been a divided country seeking help and support from international governments.

However, Western governments as well as Arab governments have refused to recognize the National Syrian Council, due to their inability to communicate ideas among themselves. The United Nations has miserably tried to place sanctions (a euphemism for “harsh” words) on the current Syrian government, however this has not stopped the current government from killing their own people.

Despite all the evidence piling against Mr. al-Assad’s government, international governments refuse to interfere with the killings. Within the international stage, two countries specifically– China and Russia–have stood against any interference from outside governments, saying that government self-reform must be given a chance.

Personally, I think this is the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard, as usual, while politicians move their jaws amongst themselves, civilians keep dying at the hand of a government that gives two shits about its people. You know, as humans, we must always police each other, especially when innocent people die for the power thirst of one man. We have to put an end to this bullshit the day before yesterday, yet politicians stand idly by as civilians die for their human rights.

I’ve said this before, but I shall remind you again and leave you with a quote from one of my favorite movies “The Boondock Saints” — “We must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.”

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  1. So wait, we will jump into something that is none of our business, where people do not want us and they burn our flag and call use infidels, but when someone WANTS us there, we’re like “Knock-knock” “Who’s there?” “You.” “You who?” Fuck you! Hahahaha?” What the hell, man.

  2. We sort of had that attitude right before WW2 and look where that got hundreds of thousands of innocent people

  3. Humanitarian. Absolutely !!! Food, medicine, shelter, safety. These are crimes against humanity. Period. !!! — I cant believe more people are not striving to help Syrian civilians. Very. Sad !!

  4. We needed to b over there like last week..the longer aid is not given to that lunatic! He’s sending footsoldiers n the towns to “wipe out” rebels..

  5. In WWII, we waited and let thousands of people die. We also “helped” by dropping “Supplies” from air planes, which pretty much went to axis soldiers. Then, we were the first to help chop up Europe with Russia.

  6. How about, we stop worrying about everyone else? There are soldiers who are homeless, people with little to no food, and foreclosures like crazy going on for our own damn citizens. If you care about Syria, set up a charity or donate to some other organization, and help our own people first. I’m tired of our economy sucking and not having money for food and gas while some other country person takes my money and I can’t do shit about it.

  7. We have no obligation to Syria . . . and, I do feel for the Syrians, but let someone else step up to the plate for a change — we can’t afford the wars we are currently in. Germany, come on, your economy is flourishing, how about a litte financial support to the Syrians.

  8. wise words from a very funny woman that should apply to every city in America- ‘It’s amazing what the United States military has done here in Afghanistan. We built sixteen hundred miles of new roads, eighteen new schools, and fifteen new police departments.’

    And I was like,

    ‘Wow. That is amazing. When we’re done we should invade Detroit.’

    — kathleen madigan,

  9. Interesting. The reason good men (and women) are indifferent towards this whole situation is because there is no “right” answer to fix it.
    If they thought their voices could be heard and make an impact, many more people would care. This isn’t like the OWS movement. Enough loud voices won’t cause positive change. Enough loud voices may further aggravate the issue, perhaps leading to terrorist actions toward us from Syria, being that their leaders are set in their ways and want no opposition regarding their ways.
    So it’s not that people don’t care, people arent saying nah, fuck that. People are saying what the fuck should I do about it? Nothing, is the easy answer. But not the right answer.
    Any suggestions????

  10. after the afgan and iraqi fiascos I dont think that anyone is as willing as they used to be to rush out and save another nation. Does syria have lots of oil? (if it does then our reluctance on a government level makes no sense.)I am betting no. If it did we wouldnt even be having this discussion.

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