Should FOX News be Considered a Terrorist Network/Organization?

Should FOX News be Considered a Terrorist Network/Organization?

It’s a legitimate question. If you’re going to tune and watch FOX News, you have to be able to discern what’s happening by not only having your bullshit filter on, but ability to know when a reporter is attempting to lead you down a line of thinking that is false, intentionally polarizing U.S. citizens, and making half of America an angry mob of half-cocked, mislead, sound-bite echoing assholes.faux news

With their massive viewer base and influential power, FOX News is arguably more dangerous and detrimental to this country’s over-all well being and internal security than any terrorist group has ever been. But, if you’re one step ahead of their game, you won’t become a victim of FOX News’ manipulation and brainwashing tactics.

Think of it like a game of Chess. If you’re able think far enough ahead of your opponent, you can not only take down their defenses but also lead them into a trap. FOX News’ writers and production teams are very clever and sharp enough to know that there is a very large demographic of folks out there who, frankly, just aren’t good enough chess players to stay one step ahead of their game. Unfortunately FOXs’ viewer base are very easy to mislead and influence. You might call FOX’s approach an exploitation of the uneducated, angry, bitter and ignorant.

Here’s how it works:

A FOX News reporter or program host will start out by giving everyone an actual news report on a hot button topic. They’ll start out with a good point, then follow that with a fact, then another good point, fact, etc.. until they get you shaking your head ‘yes’… THEN, you’ll notice the reporter/host will quickly either add in a bit of their own opinion/ propaganda/ rhetoric/ false statistic, or just flat out lie — all while you’re still shaking your head ‘yes’; this is manipulation 101 and is a very well known tactic for misleading masses of people. They also use other methods like Bill O’Reilly using a hard, stern look on his face and his loud, imposing, bully-like voice to cut people off when they’re about to make a good point that’s in opposition of his. This approach comes off as looking strong to people following along and often times doesn’t even matter if Bill was wrong, people will still stand with they think looks and sounds powerful.

In short: FOX News’ writers and producers know in advance that a large portion of their audience don’t have the capacity to know the difference from when they’re getting real news or they’re getting a biased opinion or manipulated, twisted melodrama.

Unfortunately, these victims of FOXS’ trap are the loudest and often times most influential over their group of friends, co-workers and family members. They’re controllers. Which means they’re likely not able to handle a respectful, civil, intelligent debate, because as soon as someone starts making sense they resort to Bill O’Reilly, bully-like behavior.

The key is, you have to be able to think a littler deeper and beyond what you’re being told and not always just taking their information at face value. Now, I understand that many folks already have a preconceived biased toward watching news because many conservatives tune into FOX only to have their beliefs confirmed…. it’s like siding up with the bully — you feel powerful if you’re on the side of someone who appears powerful. The problem is: it’s a lie.

If you’re not a right-wing nut and want to watch FOX, you can actually watch it for only as long as you can tolerate the Jerry Springer like melodrama… just to see what their big issues are, or what fake scandal they’re cooking up next.

So, the question is: Should FOX News be considered a terrorist network/organization? I, for one, think so. When you can use your power and influence to lie to and mislead masses of people on critical issues that keep our country in toxic polarization?…, yes, absolutely!!

If you agree, please consider signing this petition: Work with Congress to pass and sign a law to protect journalistic integrity and honesty.

It’s past time FOX News starts telling the truth!

Watch this interview clip on FOX with Ted Koppel to see what FOX is all about…


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