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Rick Scott’s Link to Republican Proprietors?


Can there be a more despicable person than Florida governor, Rick Scott? This is a man who – at least after the campaign for his election — has consistently shown his scorn for the majority of Floridians. How does a state composed of mostly sane people support such a misanthrope? The truth is, if favorability ratings matter, they don’t. In November of 2012, his favorability rating was 31%.

Scott is a billionaire who started a company holding ownership of hospitals and acquired scores more: CEO from 1987 to 1997, quitting four months after the Department of Justice announced that his company, Columbia/HCA, was being charged with defrauding Medicare and Medicaid. By 2000, his former company settled, agreeing to pay $840 million in criminal fines, civil damages, and penalties. It paid an additional $881 million later, for a total of $1.7 billion, admitting fraud charges. Four Columbia/HCA executive were indicted of fraud. Two served in prison, but were released after an appeal. Strangely, Scott was never charged.

Flush with money from a disgraced company that he started, he spent $73 million of his own money narrowly winning the governorship by presenting himself as a “conservative outsider,” saying that as a successful businessman, he would create jobs.

Once he was in office, Florida lost thousands of public service jobs and Scott rejected a $2.4 billion high-speed rail project that would have created 24,000 additional jobs.

Last year he signed a budget that slashed around $4 billion, including a $1.35 billion cut to education spending, and a $1 billion reduction in Medicaid funding.

Leading up to the presidential election Scott reduced early voting from 14 days to 7 days, made several attempts to make voting harder, and tried to purge voting rolls. Furthermore, even though early voting lines were blocks long, with hours of waiting, he refused to extend hours.

Now he intends not to implement the state health insurance exchanges mandated in the 2010 federal health care law, Affordable Care Act (called Obamacare by Republicans). Open enrollment for exchange plans is scheduled to start October 1, 2013 and coverage will be effective January 1, 2014. Four million uninsured men, women and children are affected in Florida.

Nationwide, more than 30 million uninsured people are expected to gain coverage under the law. Half will get private insurance through the exchanges, with most receiving government help to pay premiums. The rest, mainly low-income adults without children at home, will be covered through an expansion of Medicaid. The federal government will pay virtually all the additional Medicaid costs, though the Supreme Court gave states the leeway to opt out of the expansion.

Why would a billionaire, who seemed to squirm out of a sure indictment for fraud, want to take his act to Florida to participate in what looks like part of a multiple-state effort to subdue Democrats, privatize public services, subsidize corporations, attack unions and insult President Obama? Doesn’t that seem like an orchestrated pattern for the many states controlled by Republicans? Who might the conductor be, leading this band of heartless Republicans?

The trail led to a Koch meeting in Vail, Colorado when Scott was AWOL during Florida wildfires in June of 2011.

In 2006, Koch Industries owner Charles Koch gave the explanation. He revealed to the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore that he coordinates the funding of the conservative infrastructure of front groups, political campaigns, think tanks, media outlets and other anti-government efforts through a twice annual meeting of wealthy right-wing donors. Koch also said that his true goal is to strengthen the “culture of prosperity” by eliminating “90%” of all laws and government regulations.

The 2010 elections let them win big, but not 2012.  Perhaps that is why last Tuesday Rove was in denial, after losing every race $400 million was supposed to buy. “Hurricane Sandy was to blame,” Karl Rove whined. The table gives some of the orchestration meetings of the Koch brothers and their associates.

Meeting Place & Date Purpose/Comments Known Participants Intended Result?
Koch Industries Secret Policy Meeting, 2009 Philosophy and purpose of meetings stated by Charles Koch. Justice Thomas & Justice Scalia, Kochs, & rich donors Citizen’s United Ruling in January of 2010
Heritage Foundation annual fundraiser, 2009 Right-wing think tank Justice Clarence Thomas, Sen. Jim DeMint, Kochs & rich donors Citizen’s United Ruling in January of 2010
Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI)  fund- raiser, 2009 Same corporate front funding rise of dirty tricks of James O’Keefe Justice Alito, Kochs & rich donors Citizen’s United Ruling in January of 2010
June, 2010 Meeting in Aspen, Colorado General philosophy spelled out by Koch. 210 attendees, including titans of industry, conservative journalists & Republican operatives 2010 election coup that brought in Republicans in several states & Republicans thru Koch-supported Tea Party
Regularly scheduled Koch Meeting in Vail, Colorado, June 2011 Stated purpose was free market policies. Scott left Florida during “wildfires” crisis. Kochs, rich donors, Rick Scott, Ohio Governor John Kasich,Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, Texas Governor, Rick Perry Plans for 2012 election in terms of voter suppression, candidates, weakening Democrats. Kicked in over a million to fight Scott Walker recall.
Extended plan of all meetings up to November of 2012 Establish and maintain plutocracy Plan posed during all meetings after Obama’s first victory in 2008 Prescribed obstructing all legislative progress that might help middle class

Republican plans for after the 2012 election? Ask Charles and David Koch.

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