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Republicans as Traitors?



Now I know, in this polarized nation – extreme division fostered by conservatives forces (the age-old adage of divide and conquer), forces which for two generations planned the rise of a corporate state, it is commonplace for GOP demagogues to call opponents traitors – President Obama, for example.  But Ted Cruz fits the definition like a tailored glove, and a great case can be made to put most of the Republican Party in that category as well.

A traitor is one who betrays his or her country, a cause, or a trust, or is false to an obligation or duty. Betrayal involves leading astray or causing someone to believe in an important untruth.

All representatives in Congress took an oath before the American people, including Cruz:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…

Ted Cruz’s faith and allegiance is not to the Constitution but to himself. His goal is to be president and to gain that nomination from a radicalized base at the expense of the global economy, his latest antic, engineering the shutdown of the people’s government and risking default on our debt. Certainly all parts of the “traitor” definition apply to Ted Cruz. He might as well have said in his oath, “I will support and defend ‘Ted Cruz,’” substituting “Ted Cruz” for Constitution.

It is difficult to say, “They all do it,” when all politicians don’t shutdown the government and risk global default, actually hurting millions and willfully losing billions of dollars in the process. In contrast, Bush II’s $12 billion loss of money in Iraq, some 21 planeloads of cash in 2004, was grossly irresponsible and put a small dent in our treasury, but probably just the result of robbery due to arrogance and ignorance.

But Republicans in general have betrayed us.  Furthermore, there is unity in their betrayal, involving obstruction of all legislation that addresses the welfare of our country and the people in general. We are speaking of Constitutional principles :  promoting the general welfare, and defending the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals.

Mitch McConnell, at the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term said that his main goal, in fact demonstrably his only priority, was not the well being of Americans but denying Obama a second term.

The Senate Republicans have unprecedentedly filibustered everything, including basic Obama government appointments, crippling needed function for the nation like higher court justice appointments and  consumer protection, for example. The Republican House majority demonstrates no concern about jobs for the over 20 million unemployed, denies opportunity for some 55 million falling farther below the poverty line due to lack of budget priorities, rebukes spending for a healthy infrastructure for America’s future, tries to gut EPA regulations for clean water, pure air to breathe, and safe food, and hampers funding for equal education of the young.

President Obama and the Democrats have pursued all of these needs, but all efforts for our national well being have been blocked by Republicans in both Houses.

With a unanimous vote, Republicans in the House wasted time and money repealing “Obamacare” 41 times. Accordingly, with a profound betrayal of majority interests, the needs of the few at the top of our economic ladder trump the rest of us in the eyes of GOP. For example, Republicans unanimously passed legislation for massive cuts in aid for poor families while fashioning a 10 year funding bill for farm supports of almost a trillion dollars. Nearly a quarter million went to 15 members of Congress or their families, 14 of which were Republicans, not counting crop insurance subsidies.

The Harry-Truman stated “do-nothing” Congress of 1947 passed 900 bills; the truly do nothing Boehner Congress of 2012 passed 196 – over one-half naming post offices, attacking women, or repealing “Obamacare.” Furthermore, Boehner, apparently finding little to do before Christmas, earmarked a 19 day work schedule before the end of 2013. Meanwhile he is totally ignoring the Immigration Reform Bill that was passed by the Senate, which could save billions and prevent 1200 deportations per day. Supposedly, John Boehner is actually looking to take more days off.

With all the unemployment, the education needs, infrastructure crumbling before our eyes, and most critically the need for a budget the shutdown didn’t settle – a budget proposal having a December deadline, indolent House Republicans claim to be super busy.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Lindsay Graham has a primary election challenge by a Tea Party candidate, so what does he do? He plans to filibuster all new Obama appointments, most critical to our welfare, until Obama provides more information about Benghazi. Graham’s attack is not for information about Benghazi, but to gain more favor from Tea Party voters by defying Obama. His oath of office might as well substitute “Lindsay Graham” for “Constitution.”

All Republicans have spent three years demonizing the Affordable Care Act which will benefit millions of Americans, giving some 22 million now uninsured Americans health coverage, and helping to forge a path out of poverty and potential bankruptcy. Right-wing, deep pocket sources, including the Koch brothers, have spent almost $1 billion, vilifying “Obamacare” hoping it will fail. In fact all Republicans in the House shut down the government and almost caused a default over “Obamacare,” while some 800,000 federal employees watched w/o jobs.

Republican oaths of office don’t seem to mean very much. In effect, their oath is a lie. Rather than promote the general welfare or insure the rights of citizens, they act as narcissists promoting their own welfares, this at the expense of millions of Americans and billions of dollars they should be investing in our country.

If that isn’t betrayal at our expense, I don’t know what is.

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