Pro Samples: Professional Audio Design by and for Sound Artists

Pro Samples: Professional Audio Design by and for Sound Artists

Pro Samples is a professional audio design resource platform made by established artists and sound designers for both aspiring and professional audio engineers, sound designers, music producers, film score producers, and any other digital audio profession or hobbyist under the sun (or in the studio, I should say). The mission of Pro Samples is to “bring you samples and patches directly from established producers, passing the profits on to the artists to incentivize quality and create a community that works for everyone.” This platform is significant not because there is a lack of audio tools out there these days, but rather because the sound market has become dominated by random companies with no pre-existing credibility and a bunch of no-name sound designers/engineers on the payroll in order to emulate mainstream audio market fads. The issue here is quality, not quantity. Thankfully, Pro Samples comes to the rescue with professional quality audio tools at affordable prices!

In stark contrast to this silly situation, Pro Samples releases only sound/synthesizer patches and samples directly from established music producers, those individuals who have spent countless hours in the studio creating sonic material that has actually made an impact on people’s lives and who quite frankly deserve to have an outlet for their craft beyond albums, digital music platforms, and performances – which any music producer will tell you can only contribute to their economic well-being to a limited extent, especially if the music is being created for niche markets as opposed to the masses, and in today’s flooded music market in general. Pro Samples is structured in a way that allows the profit from each and every purchase to be passed on directly to the artists themselves, which of course allows them to be more abundant and thus available to continue working on their craft without distraction. The Pro Samples system incentivizes quality in the long term and helps create a vibrant and sustainable audio community that works for everyone involved.

Pro Samples offers giveaways, contests, tutorials, discount codes, and a whole bunch of content that can exclusively be found on their website. It should go without saying, but if you or a friend is an established music producer looking to either buy OR sell the best sound tools available to the public, we recommend joining the Pro Samples community. As the Pro Samples creators themselves encourage, “No matter what type of music you produce, from Hip Hop beats to Underground Dubstep to Cinema Scores, has you covered.” Audio material can be submitted for review and potential release by emailing Pro Samples at

If you’re any sort of audio head interested in different ways to potentially buy or sounds in this constantly evolving digital world, head over to the Pro Samples site and check it out!

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