Practice Safe Spiritualism (use protection):  Part 1

Practice Safe Spiritualism (use protection): Part 1

(this will be a three-part series, covering crystals, herbs, and rituals)

In my last article I wrote about negative energy…how it can attach itself to you and spread like wildfire through your home, creating a giant shitstorm of nasty. Multiple methods of cleansing the affected space were also covered, but I only gave the ‘personal protection’ thing an offhand mention, when it’s actually a pretty big deal.

Because, hey – we all know how much trouble can come from not using protection, right? Right. So let’s take a look at what different methods are available, and how you can effectively practice safe spiritualism.

As with cleansing a space, there are many different ways to go about protecting yourself against the negative or untoward energies out in the world, and finding the right combo will require some trial and error. The key is to keep trying different methods until you find something that fits you personally, because that is the only real way to create an effective personal protection.

Your ability to execute any successful spiritual working is directly linked to the personal connection you have to that working, which is why it is so important to invest the time in tailoring your protection working specifically for you. Just going through the motions of someone else’s ideas will not get the job done. You must believe in yourself, and draw from within you the power and intent you need to be successful.

To that end, any one of the methods could easily be combined and tweaked to fit within your religious or spiritual affiliation.

(If you need help converting or combining the methods, or you just don’t know where to start, you can always contact me directly at

So, are you ready to learn how to be responsible in a spiritually promiscuous world? To practice safe spirituality?

Then let’s get started!

First and foremost, it bears repeating that you have everything you need already inside you to protect or heal yourself and others, banish nasties, cleanse and clear houses, or do any number of other things in the spiritual realm – all while remaining safe during your working. Again, the tools described and these rituals are simply outward symbols of inward happenings.

Tools help you to focus, and give you something physical to connect with. Rituals give solidity and solidarity to the act you are carrying out. There are crystals and herbs that hold certain properties that can help strengthen any spiritual work.

But please remember – should you ever be caught in a sticky spiritual situation, you do not ‘need’ the tools, nor a fancy ritual to tackle it. You, yourself are a giant human crystal, capable of channeling and redirecting untold amounts of energy all on your own, courtesy of your chakras and energy meridians. We’ll get more in depth with that during Chakra week. (Kind of like Shark week, only with less blood and more happy.)

Okay, lecture time is over. Let’s get to the good stuff!


Note: In the metaphysical world, the terms “crystal” and “stone” are used interchangeably. Some types are even minerals or pieces of meteorites, but these two words are still used to describe them.

There are literally hundreds of stones that are billed as ‘protective’. However, there are a few that stand out as the most effective – amethyst, black tourmaline, black obsidian/apache tear, and the Petoskey stone.

You can utilize these crystals in a multitude of ways – wear one as an amulet, carry a mixture in your pocket, set a few clusters of one or more types in the corners of the rooms in your home that see the most family traffic, or grid your house and property by burying amethyst clusters at the four corners of your property. (Just try not to do this one late at night, or your neighbors may think you’re a serial killer.)

Each stone has protective properties, but each also has its own unique benefits. Some do not need to be cleansed, but some must be in order to achieve the level of protection you desire. There are several ways to cleanse your stones – you can bury them in the ground overnight, leave them overnight in a bowl of dry sea salt, hold them over a smoking sage bundle, or leave them out in moon/sunlight for 24 hours.


Amethyst: A stone of transmutation – sort of an energy dialysis machine. It does not repel negative energy per se, but instead absorbs it, transmutes (converts) it into positive energy, and then releases it back out into the universe for your positive energy pleasure.

Amethyst also helps to improve your spiritual intuition, allowing you to better discern when negative forces are around and at work; and it can also help to bring about positive change in your life and your consciousness.

Due to its transmutation properties, amethyst does not have to be cleansed.


Black Tourmaline:  Another fantastic stone of protection. It absorbs any negativity or negative energy around you. Stones that contain streaks of mica are especially potent when it comes to protection, and carry the added feature of returning any negative energies sent against you back to the sender.

Black tourmaline is also a grounding stone, which means it helps to keep you centered, your energies calmed, and allows you to stay alert to what’s around you.

Due to the fact it absorbs the energy but does not transmute it, it’s important to cleanse this stone regularly.


Black Obsidian:Heavy hitters when it comes to protection. Black obsidian is another stone (like amethyst) that absorbs, transmutes, and re-releases the cleaned, shiny happy positive energies. It is also a powerful protector against psychic attacks, and has the added benefit of aiding in the elimination of bad habits and reducing cravings.

The thing to be aware of when working with black obsidian is that it is a very strong stone. As such, many people find that holding this crystal produces an unusual “side effect” – the forceful bubbling up of repressed, negative emotions they have long since shoved down.

Now, if you are looking to deal with these proverbial skeletons (or you’re one of the rare souls who has nothing stuffed down at the bottom of your soul closet), this would actually be a good choice for you. But if there are things you have shoved down that need to stay the hell down, then black obsidian may be difficult for you to hold.

The thing is, you’re not going to know unless you try. So head out to that local metaphysical store – that I know you found because you read my last article and immediately followed my instructions – and grab up a nice-sized chunk of black obsidian.

If you feel nothing, or simply feel a little more connected to the ground or calm, you’re golden. However, if you start feeling antsy or irritable, place the stone back where you found it, and move along. Should the latter be the case, fear not! There is a gentler form of this crystal – called an apache tear – that offers many of the same benefits with none of the disturbing side effects.


Apache Tears: (also called transparent obsidian or grief stones) Little nuggets of protection goodness. Small enough to store in your bra (don’t judge), they repel negative energy and negative forces. They also allow for spiritual cleansing by way of transmuting your own personal stock of negative nasty into positive energy, and are useful in breaking down emotional barriers within yourself (like black obsidian, but much, much gentler.) People who have trouble carrying black obsidian find this to be an awesome substitute.


Petoskey Stone:   This awesome stone works a little bit differently than the others above. One of its prime purposes is to keep you from getting duped by a spirit. You have to remember – spirits are just people who happen to not have bodies. So if someone was a liar in life, there is a great possibility they will also be after death.

But this particular crystal gives you the leg up on any potential sneaky spirit by preventing them from interfering in your life or giving you false information. For those of you out there that are paranormal investigators, mediums, or any kind of person that deals with the other side, this is a stone you absolutely need to keep on hand at all times.

Mother Earth has given us an enormous tool box to work with. And it’s up to us to learn about the different options given, and how they can help us in our journey. I encourage you to do your own research regarding crystals and their metaphysical properties – but beware of the quack sites out there that just make up shit as they go along. Steer clear of junk information, because it could actually hinder the work you are trying to accomplish. Using a piece of black tourmaline instead of rose quartz to try and establish a connection with your higher power is not going to get you the desired result.

One of the best online sources I have found is Shimmerlings. They have an alphabetical listing of stones, and each stone has its own page that details its general, mystical, healing, and magical characteristics; as well as its zodiac and chakra affiliations. So please, be responsible in your research.

And remember, play it safe – always use protection.


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