Perspective of the Universe

Perspective of the Universe

By OcJim

How do we put the universe perspective into our insular lives? All we have to do is wrap ourselves around that perspective.

For example, of the 5 fundamental cosmic constituents, dark energy, dark matter, atomic matter, light and neutrinos, we are made from atomic matter, which is about 4% of the entire universe.

How much do we matter (excuse the pun)? As a percentage, we are insignificant, but our burgeoning numbers and rapacious greed (I know. Redundant.) – together — can kill a planet.

We were created from dust. The Bible got that right. But it’s stardust. After the universe cooled down from its more than 141 nonillion degrees K, we came about because some 13.5 billion years ago stars were born of mostly hydrogen and produced helium in their nuclear furnaces. These stars were giants and lasted only a few million years, then died in an explosion expelling heavier material products, mostly hydrogen and helium, but mixed in with a modicum of heavier elements.

Now on the 5000.5 billionth day (our measurement), after enough heavier element stars were born and died, could humans be possible. After all we have 67 octillion atoms in our bodies and only 10% of them, by mass, are hydrogen. Can you now imagine the problem the Star-Trek transporter had?

Our Sun was formed only 4.5 billion years ago and less than 2% of its mass has oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and iron. That makes our sun 98% hydrogen and helium (A big part of the recipe for a windbag politician). Actually, hydrogen, 29 million degrees Fahrenheit, and extremely high pressure give it fusion – all for our job creators to use…indirectly.

Pay attention. I’m trying to make this interesting…and relevant.

Consider, our sun represents billions of stars, some big and horny, ready to burst in a few million years and others more puny, but living trillions of years during which the big and horny suns can kick celestial dust in their faces. Think about it. Billions of years of this brought us to this point.

Maybe that’s why we had to hang around in single-celled lightness a billion years ago and then sashayed a few million years ago into bipedalism after getting our other material allotments. After all, we are 86% oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Heavy-metal stars like Led Zeppelin (just wanted to see if you were paying attention) gave us the calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, silicon, and sulphur – yeh, we’re a quarter of a percent sulphur: Ain’t that hell.

Some scientists like to ridicule organized religion for its creation stories, religions that take the Genesis story as fact. They say, “Aha, the Big Bang proves that the universe’s beginning came from nothing: certainly we don’t need God, they say.”

Remember the early religions based on many primitive gods (in history, I mean). But aren’t our gods primitive too? Is God built in man’s image or is man built in God’s image.

I get confused.

Maybe we’ll evolve into a more cosmic state where everything doesn’t revolve around power, pimping, and penises.

What do you think?

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