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...throughout history we have been using drugs to treat a number of ailments from anxiety, depression, and obsession to colds, pneumonia and mal health. Yet, in contemporary culture we have developed a bias towards drugs, in fact even the name “drug” has carried with it a negative connotation. We have lost the connection with ancient, natural remedies and resorted entirely to new medications,: chemicals which are not only dangerous but possibly the downfall of our species


Michael Vick Redeemed?

By: L. Laskey  Assigned to 23 months in the clink and, later home confinement, suspended from football and subsequently bankrupt, football phenomenon Michael Vick now seems to be riding the trajectory of redemption. Vick was jailed for willfully, knowingly, and actively participating in not only the business of dog-fighting…


Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

By: Denise Fabec  In the last few years, we certainly have been living up to our reputation as a free nation.  With the outsourcing of jobs, corporate cutbacks, and millions of square miles of empty commercial property on hand, it has most definitely become a buyer’s market for goods…

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Heaven – Are you Serious?

By: EinsteinLite “Heaven, heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens.”   A great song and lyric by the Talking Heads.  It’s pretty evident that most people on earth believe in something called Heaven.  And my guess is the majority probably have a similar notion of said…

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