New Word for Republicans

New Word for Republicans

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We need a new word to describe most Republicans, one to fit a behavior that harms the most vulnerable Americans. Words already in the dictionary don’t exactly fit, so I came up with a new one. It is misGOPpath. And to follow proper form, it becomes misgoppath.

I have discarded misanthrope because it defines someone who hates people or dislikes and distrusts others, tending to avoid them. This doesn’t exactly apply to Republicans in general because they don’t actually hate people or dislike them – or even avoid them. But Republicans are unified in policies — shutdown, obstructionism, or pro-corporate legislation — that affect those in most economic distress.

I have discarded sociopath because it involves something described as a disease, a personality malfunction, marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior with a lack of remorse or empathy.

Many say that a lack of remorse or empathy is accurate ($5 billion+ cut in food stamps), but I don’t believe it is a clinical disease or an inborn personality disorder resulting in violent thought or behavior toward others. I think it is gleaned from their preference for “media in a bubble” that perpetuate certain perspectives and justifies prescribed policies.

The last word you often hear associated with many Republicans is misogynist, one who hates women, due to stands against abortion which invade bodies and violate rights, foolish birth control measures and assaults on equal rights. This too probably involves an overexposure to an ideology, even a peculiar science, coupled with Tea-Party inspired primary challenge threats.

The new word, misgoppath, involves a GOP member, supported by almost unlimited resources, their use contingent upon loyalty, who follows plutocratic codes, a code which, in effect, harms the bottom 90% group of Americans, for the purpose of privilege and economic gain – their own and the rich.

You might notice that lately the most infected Republicans, especially those from gerrymandered districts, now barely mask their contempt for the poor, even the middle class, often suggesting the poor are takers or are lazy. Such Republicans appear to think they are untouchables.

So GOP participants, often immersing themselves in narrow media exposure, demonstrate misgoppathic ways, not seeing policy effect. Their obstruction and their refusal to pass legislation wanted by Americans causes pain and suffering.  The following are just some recent examples of infliction of harm with additional cost to our country:

  1. Refuse to vote for Immigration Reform Bill, overwhelmingly passed by Senate because John Boehner won’t bring it to a vote, reform which 87% of Americans want and which will keep immigrant families together and save taxpayers millions.
  2. Minimum wage increase, favored by 76% of Americans, held up by GOP. Result is subsidies to companies like WalMart and MacDonalds in the form of food stamps to underpaid workers.
  3. Background checks for guns, favored by 81%, held up by GOP. Leave America open to daily massacres using guns.
  4. Law protecting employment for gays, favored by 73%, Boehner will not allow a vote. In over 20 states gays can be fired for being gay.
  5. Refuse to support jobs and infrastructure spending. Want a depressed economy in order to blame Obama. Talk austerity and reduced taxes for the rich to shrink safety net.
  6. Shut down the government and came close to default on our debt in order to attack “Obamacare.” It cost us billions.

Their techniques and strategy tell how they get away with defying what Americans want:

  1. Can control message with Fox vitriol and corporate “entertainment” media, a media which consistently ignores Republican “mortal sins” and talk about Obama’s “venial sins:” Obamacare’s internet problems & Obama’s broken promise about keeping inferior health plans.
  2. Given the economic deprivation, the desperation of the jobless or low-pay workers, and the growing poverty, often imposed by Republican action or inaction, many harmed voters believe that voting in new candidate (a change), whether Republican or Democrat, will help.
  3.  Republicans don’t have to have any policy and are in effect part timers paid full time (actually takers) – at least in the House which they control (their legislative indolence has prompted only about 10 more days in session before the end of this year).
  4. Make government smaller, stifling the opportunities brought by government help to those oppressed by the GOP.
  5. Dumb down and suppress population through inferior education and low-paying jobs. Desperate people don’t vote or vote w/o good information.
  6. Don’t have to legislate, just cover up enmity toward the people while issued talking points by conservative think tanks to unify deceptive talking points.
  7. Gerrymandered districts will keep voting them back in spite of misgoppathic ways. Texas is one of the worst gerrymandered states – a present from Tom DeLay before going to prison.


Now keep in mind that if the GOP would happen to take control of the Senate and the presidency, all obstruction is off. They will legislate to reduce government size, gutting all safety net programs that benefit the middle class – at least what is left of the middle class – and the poor – whose ranks will swell even more in size. Social Security will be reduced and privatized to benefit Wall Street – not us. Medicare will be gutted – that has been Paul Ryan’s plan all along. If you think the ranks of those in poverty is large now (about 20%), it will be humongous with total GOP control.

The filthy rich will be jubilant. Their taxes will go down. Ours will go up. If you think the Koch brothers, for example, are filthy rich now, their $50 billion fortune will double in less than 5 years. Homelessness will skyrocket – perhaps people will be housed in abandoned sports arenas. Remember New Orleans after Bush’s Katrina failure? Bankrupt Detroit has one now.

If you don’t believe my predictions, vote in the GOP. I do hope you don’t, because even my retirement (based on a contract) could be threatened.

What I do recommend is to vote out all Republicans and make sure the Democrats do right by the people. The Tea Party caucus is a start.

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