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The Gliskis — petite, savvy, and rational – streak 21 light years in less than 6 months to contact one Earth family, members who have the will and the intelligence to save the world from a terrible future. Far superior technologically, the Gliski envoys, Gyan and Daya, anything but threatening, calmly and efficiently deal with efforts of America’s president to steal their technology.

Will Gyan and Daya, who aptly communicate with the Hanovers and capture the hearts of Jim and Ellen Hanover, help provide solutions for Earth’s climate change problems? Will over 70 years of searching result in Gyan and Daya finding their grandfather and the remains of 2 other Gliskis downed at Roswell. The narrative ends with some rays of hope.

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J K. Dark is a freelance Writer/Author residing in St. Louis Missouri. He also contributes to the ezine magazine and

Book Reviews:

“Clever is the word I would use to describe these Dark Tales, from the names of the stories to the twists in the tales, each story weaves a clever plot into an adventue we don’t want to end. Although each one is short he fits in all the details we need to know and gives us very interesting glimpses into the characters lives. An excellent collection of short stories. A great job from J.K.Dark!” – Flarandy

“The stories are so well written..they leave you wanting more. The characters are so real you feel you may already know them. J.K. Dark puts into words stories you will definitely enjoy!” – Keke

“LOVED IT!! J.K. Dark has a way of making you feel like you grew up down the street. He makes you feel familiar, reels you in, holds you there, and when you think you’ve got it…you get hit with the insanity! Great collection of short stories. I highly recommend this book!! Who knows…maybe this could be your neighborhood!” – 1wild1

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Book description:   Summer’s Most Amazing True Crime Memoir

A provocative and candid memoir spanning the first nineteen years of the author’s life,The Bookie’s Daughter resonates with elements of Sopranos and Running with Scissors—zany, violent, dysfunctional, and oh-so-human.

A darkly comedic family saga, The Bookie’s Daughter is a wild ride through a childhood dominated by Big Al, the author’s larger-than-life bookie father, and Bonnie, her trigger-happy alcoholic mother. Devoted to their family yet in thrall to their prodigious addictions, they recklessly plunged their daughters into a dangerous life of crime.

Join The Bookie’s Daughter in a perfect storm of adolescent angst, crime, and shocking adventures. Follow along as the author and her sister transverse a childhood where gambling, police raids, trials, public scorn, spitting Studda Bubbas, hitmen, IRA gunrunners, pedophiles, bodyguards, and midnight runs for illegal goods were considered routine.

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“An engaging, deceptively pleasant journey into psychological mayhem. You know something’s not right nearly from the start, but Hockett’s straightforward, elegant writing style keeps you recalculating right to the moment you pull up to your final destination. Perfect summer reading!” – Trude Penn

“This is a very fast and very fun read, with a compelling twist. I liked the characters, especially Lucy and her children. The author drew me in. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Highly Recommended; hope Hockett has another one up her sleeve.” – Kimby Klater

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Book Description:

A chapbook of 100 word flash fiction stories. There’s no concrete theme or style, just a    random assortment of flash fiction composed haphazardly for no deep or meaningful    reason. Just stories for stories sake.

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