Lizzy the Lezzy

Lizzy the Lezzy

LizzyOriginally created by Ruth Selwyn in 2006, Lizzy the Lezzy is an animated, stand-up comedian who entertains “muff munchers,” educates followers, and calls out homophobia from around the world.

Utilizing humor to attract a majority of Lizzy’s audience, the creators have put together an entire archive of videos, each one with a different theme, for followers and fans to watch and listen to Lizzy strut her stuff.

According to Wikipedia: “In 2007, Logo TV acquired the first ten Lizzy stand up comedy videos and broadcast them on their gay/lesbian animation show, Alien Boot Camp. Curve magazine included Lizzy in an article entitled “Networking Lesbians”, and “Lesbians on the Loose International” featured Selwyn and Lizzy as well. Lizzy’s stand up comedy videos were also featured on The Bilerico Project’s “Sunday Funnies” and on Jewcy where she was described as “The funniest lesbian on Myspace”.

I began Following Lizzy’s Facebook page back when she had around 60,000 fans a few years ago and it’s no surprise to see the page now soaring to over 300,000 followers with people flocking to one of the funnest pages on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a good dose of “Lesbian Themed Entertainment,” come out of the closet and join up with Lizzy’s page here to follow more –> Lizzy the Lezzy.

Just for fun, below is a sample collection of some of my favorite posts to scroll through from Lizzy’s Facebook photos. Enjoy!

homo species

the zombie
sit on face
show you
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