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Liar, Liar!! Pants on Fire!!


By OcJim

Here is one Romney campaign  lie!!


Here are the facts disputing that lie: Between October 2009 and the present, the unemployment rate has fallen from 10 percent to 8.1 percent. In October 2009, there were 129.5 million Americans with full-time jobs. Today, there are 133 million Americans with full-time jobs. That’s a growth of 3.5 million jobs. Don’t believe me? The numbers are here.

So yes, Mitt, they have been able to create jobs. And the workforce didn’t decline during that period of time, either: It grew by 544,000.


Don’t get me wrong. President Obama’s campaign stretches the truth, but Governor Romney’s campaign outright lies.

Is this important? Actually it is very important because the Romney campaign, Crossroads – run by Karl Rove (“Turd Blossom” is George W Bush’s endearing name for him), Americans for Prosperity (a Koch brother production), and other billionaire-backed groups with similar patriotic names will spend hundreds of millions for 30 second TV ads meant to debase Obama with lies.

It is unprecedented for a challenger to spend more than the sitting president.

If Romney were a reasonable, empathetic, stand-up guy, it might not matter so much, since Obama has his blemishes. Unfortunately Romney, most evidence suggests,  is a robotic, insincere opportunist whose perspective seems to be so blanched by privilege that he could never relate to the needs of average Americans – and this his pronouncements seem to support.

Now you might say this is a baseless charge, but consider the evidence — and the risks associated with his election. If the House of Representative remains Republican (the House has already demonstrated its rebuke of average people) and the Senate goes Republican – PACs are spending hundreds of millions to assure this, Mitt would rubber-stamp all of the anti-common people, pro-rich legislation that Republicans love.

How do we know this about Mitt? His political stands, which would extend more benefits to the rich than even George W. Bush did, portend this. The difference for Romney is that he would actually take away – if you believe his words — benefits from average Americans, including Medicaid, Medicare, social security, The Affordable Care Act (AFCA) (just like “Romneycare” in Massachusetts) and a relatively clean environment by gutting EPA.

If you add together the number of Americans impacted, it could total to more than 100 million Americans, with the rich getting even more tax breaks. More tax breaks for the rich would assure that social programs would have to be gutted.

Much evidence points to a campaign of serial lying. His handlers must have reason to believe that American voters are so ignorant that they will vote against their own interests or stay away from the polls in disgust. For documentation, here are a few examples of deceitful Romney campaign ads:

  1. The first Romney commercial in 2012 represented McCain’s words in 2008 (quoted by Obama), “If we keep talking about the economy, we’ll lose” as Obama’s words.
  2. A Romney commercial lifted Obama words from a speech referring to infrastructure “Business didn’t build it (infrastructure), suggesting Obama is against business.
  3. Romney commercial distorted Obama’s words of success for Clinton economy in a recent California speech, by jeeringly saying that Obama was speaking of his own economic performance, quoting him out of context.

No one should be president on the basis of lies. Unfortunately, the corporate media overlooks deceit and distortion, doing little or nothing to stop it. Lies can build on both sides if given no incentives to stop the practice. An uninformed public – further alienated as the media continues to forfeit its role to inform – will continue to vote based on polarized views or not vote at all. As things stand now, most of the deception is coming from the Republican Party.

We can reward a pattern of Romney campaign lies, a policy of Republican obstruction in Congress, and a conservative-Supreme-Court-mandated buying of elections by the rich.

We can do all this by voting Republican or staying away from the polls in disgust – the latter would be a natural reaction to all the negative ads you will see on both sides.

Just know if we reward the worst campaign practices, rife with lies, satiated with money, and composed of sterile politics, there will be absolutely no difference in the two candidates and the two political parties. Democrats will abandon any semblance of supporting the people.

Eventually, our country will slide – over time — into a corporatocracy, probably still calling itself a democracy, while we watch flatfooted in helplessness.

Don’t you already see the signs?


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