Homophobic Hate Mail; Brace Yourself!

Homophobic Hate Mail; Brace Yourself!

Dealing with massive amounts of hate mail and the negative, life sucking energy that comes with it can be difficult to handle emotionally —  especially when the hate is directed at a group of people who only want to perpetuate, focus on and promote the importance of love.

Below are 19 pieces of hate mail, out of thousands, that Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook receives from around the world each year.  In response to this hate mail, Kevin, the founder and curator of WHOF decided to address this issue by taking a unique, humorous and light-hearted approach in his message replies back to each of these pieces of mail.

If you’re not familiar with WHOF – briefly, their two most profound positions with regards to their quest, goals and mission are:

– “To make everyone equal, because equal rights aren’t equal until everyone has them!”

– “NEVER confuse HATE speech with free speech – HATE SPEECH KILLS!”

In addition, they’re dedicated to and have effectively removed thousands of Hate Pages from Facebook in their effort to squash hate groups who sprout up and spread their hateful ignorance to others who are easily influenced.

So – Brace yourself and enjoy!

Cheers! – TJ

#1.)  Baby Makers

Hater #1:

“Eat shit and die you straight hating faggot. People who fuck each other in the ass make my sick.”

Kevin’s reply:

Dear Denzil,

Thank you so much for your beautifully composed message. It arrived just as I was eating lunch, which as you probably know, for us gays, consists of vol au vaunts filled with pink marsh mellows and sprinkled liberally with glitter. A far more tasty treat than your suggestion.
I’m sorry to hear that anal sex makes you feel nauseous, I can only assume that you’re doing it wrong. I have attached a ‘safe guide to anal sex’ for you to flick through at your leisure.

May I also take this opportunity to point out that I do NOT dislike “straight” people, some of my best friends are in fact “straight”, others have never actually confessed to being “straight” but I have my suspicions. I even found out at a very young age that my parents were also “straight” and upon further investigation I have found that several of my gay friends also have “straight” parents, I am beginning to think that this is no coincidence!
I wonder if my, or your, governments know about this? Do you think they will have worked out this conspiracy of “straight” parents churning out gay babies? I think you may have stumbled upon the discovery of the 21st century, this is our Watergate!

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can arrange a press conference, it’ll be a bit later though as being gay I have some skipping to do first. Oh and Denzil, tell nobody, the baby makers are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

#2.)  Less beans

Hater #2:

“you’re kind makes me sick. don’t you think there is enough crazy people in the world without spreading it to more people. the world would be better without gays and lessbeans and trannies and other disabilities. you need to delete your page before people see it and get annoid.”


Dear Darren,

Thank you for your lovely message, how nice of you to notice that I am Kind, I do try.

As for the subjects you wanted advice on – I’ll do my best but believe me, I’m no oracle.

Yes I do believe that there are more than enough crazy people in the world, it always amazes me that people who wouldn’t have been allowed crayons 10 years ago now have access to the internet. BTW what is your favorite color crayon? Mine is blue, they taste best.
I doubt that the world would be better without gays; to be honest they would be a miss to the caring and service professions and don’t even get me started on hair dressing.

Less beans would make the world a far worse place in my opinion, I love baked beans on toast and chili just isn’t a chili without kidney beans – so I’ll have to disagree with you there too.

I love my tranny, I listen to the BBC Radio 4 during the day for plays and comedies and discussions while I’m working, so I’d miss that a lot. Being gay isn’t really a disability, unless you’re a stud horse or a homophobic bigot, in which case I find that most homophobic bigots hide their latent homosexuality (That means gayness) and attack people who are openly gay so that they feel less insecure about themselves, but I don’t need to explain that any further to you, do I?

Thank you for the excellent advice, my page WHOF (Wipeout Homophobia On Facebook) which has 284,000 members, with MILLIONS & MILLIONS of post views and website hits per month, will be deleted immediately; because we wouldn’t want word to get out would we?

Bye for now poppet, take care,

love Kel xxx

#3.)  Welsh Faggots

Hater #3:

“God hates faggots and fags.”


Is that something you’d like me to include as a discussion topic?

I can see how God would dislike fags, here in the UK my friend Joe smokes 20 fags a day, the rug beside his sofa has dozens of tiny burn holes on it, I can only imagine what that would do to an angel’s wings, I guess they’re highly flammable and smoking would cause a health and safety issue. Plus you have to remember his house = his rules!!!!!

As for Faggots, well I love them, I was in Wales recently and bought them freshly made from the local market, they were the best meat balls I have ever tasted.

There was a strange incident though at check in, in the hotel, when the receptionist asked me if I’d like anything on room service and I replied “Could you send some faggots up please?”
According to the receptionist (Telling me later) the American couple behind me looked quite shocked (I think they may have already eaten) and even more so when I added, “Just a couple though, I’m cutting down.”

I don’t think God is a vegetarian or anything, I’ve heard he’s partial to fatted calf. Anyhow, I’ll pop your suggestion into the discussion section and see how it goes, thanks ever so much for your support.

#4.)  Sherlock

Hater #4:

“If you don’t remove WHOF from facebook I will make it my life’s crusade to track you down and kill you. I have investigated you and I know who your mother is, she will be first on my list. You have 1 hour.”


Well done on your investigative work, please remember to bring a shovel with you as my mother has been dead for 23 years.

#5.)  Nice Eye

Hater #5:

“u fucckin faggit u r goin to hell and takin your faggit friends wiv u”


Sounds like quite a party, you know I wasn’t planning on doing much on WHOF today, but your message has really spurred me on and given me the energy to do at least 18 hours, so thank you for that, you’ve put gay rights forward weeks xxxx

PS you have a lovely eye x

#6.)  Tattoo

Hater #6:

“Gays and freaks are stupid why don’t you all go to hell.”


Thanks for your support, BTW did you know that the tattoo on your arm in your second pic should read “Angel” and not “Angle” ? – I’m always happy to help the brighter folks. xxx

#7.) Gag

Hater #7:

“You shud be ashamed of yourself’s wot yous fags get up to is discustin and the thort of it makes me phizicly sick”


Oh no, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your gag-reflex problems; it must be terrible for you darling! Anyway thanks for the chat but I’ve got to get ready for my weekend now. I’m hoping to spend most of it rimming. If you are not sure exactly what that means use Google, then enjoy your dinner sweetheart. xxx

#8.)  Rottie Totty

Hater #8:

“You dirty gay fuck.. you and you’re kind will rot in hell.. I teech my kids write from wrong and if any of them was a fag I would beat it out of them…You’re parents must be so angry at you.. Homos rape kids and animals,, It’s fucked up..”


Thank you for your lovely message. As I have three Rottweilers, I think if I tried to interfere with them I would most definitely come off worst. I’m sure that your children are lovely, but being Gay I like MEN, a fact that my father Ron is quite happy about, in fact he is a member of WHOF, as are my three brothers, my sister and a dozen or so nieces and nephews; well they would be, they’ve had an education.

I’m sure you will stand out in a crowd though, you’ll be the one with the kids who are hanging their head in shame, well done. Have a lovely day and give my love to the pretty black Labrador or yours, he’s quite the looker. xxxxx

#9.)  Dinner



Not until you have at least bought me dinner, see you soon poppet. Xxxx

#10.)  Weekend

Hater #10:



I’d never thought of doing that, thanks for the tip, what would you say was the best position?



I doubt I’d have the time but I’ll make a start this weekend and report back to you on Monday – Thanks again poppet xxx

#11.)   No Smoking

Hater #11:

“Fags are shit”


I agree, I gave up smoking them eight years ago and feel much healthier now; PLUS I now have more money to spend on KY and glitter – RESULT.



#12.)  Unlike

Hater #12:

“You people post far too much, 10 times a day is too many. People don’t care, a facebook group won’t change anything, how do I unlike this rubbish?”


Have you tried clicking “unlike?”

#13.)   Sex With a Banana

Hater #13:

“Dear Kel, if that is in fact your real name. I recently came across your group Wipeout Homophobia On Facebook (surely that should be Wipe Out) and was quite disgusted to see that so many people are against normal sexual practices.

Do you think that encouraging people to ” come out” as perverts is right?
The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong, so what gives you the right to give people false hope in the thinking that everything will be fine if they are deviants?
You have to face the Lord at some point and be judged. Change now before it is too late.”

Peace and Love from Hater#13


Dear Hater #13,

As you can see by my name, my name is in fact Kevin, but my friends call me Kel, so you can call me Kevin. Firstly as I have stated both on the website and the info. section of WHOF’s fan page — the word Wipeout is used intentionally; it is a surfing term meaning to be knocked sideways off a board by a wave, bigots surfing the net will be knocked off in a similar fashion by being reported en masse by WHOF members.

No, I do not think that encouraging people to be themselves and not what others force them to be, is a good thing, I think it’s a great thing.

“The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean God doesn’t love heterosexuals, it’s just that they need more supervision.” ~Lynn Lavner

When the “Judgment day” comes I will be only too happy to tell how I spread love and had hate removed, how I brought people together and how a community was born from a simple idea that all of “The Lord’s humanity” should be equal.

In closing, can I point out the “deviant” and “pervert” should never be used by someone who has an open profile as I can clearly see that you belong to the groups “I want to have sex with a banana” and “Fisting”; not that I have anything against either of those practices, but it’s hardly the missionary position is it?

Do take care, and yes, peace and love to you too.

#14.)  Carrots

Hater #14:

“god doesn’t hate yall he jus doesn’t agree with gay bi trans or lesbians its against god i mean if everybody went gay or lesbian the human race would die so i’m jus sayin god doesn’t hate you hes jus VERY disappointed in u”


If God has wanted me to be different he would have created me different, are you saying that God is wrong? Your argument doesn’t stand up; it’s like saying that if people who liked peas were allowed equal rights carrots would die out. There is room for everyone. The only sin is using God as an excuse for bigotry.

#15.)  Sin

Hater #15:

“Hate the sin and not the sinner!!!”


Which sin? Hate or bigotry?

#16.)  Moan

Hater #16:

I have seen the album of your responses to hate mail 3 times now, why do you need to repeat things? Please get some new material to post or I am leaving.


The last time I posted my responses to hate mail we had 3 THOUSAND fewer members, so I had 2 options, either I could ask you to print them out and visit each of the new members in turn, or I could post them again, I decided to save you 20 years and a great deal of air fare and do it my way.

These posts get MILLIONS & MILLION of post views per month on facebook alone, they are shared to members profiles and that brings in a minimum of 10 THOUSAND new members a month. Those 10 thousand new members can then help the rest of us to report the hate pages, support members who need support, sign petitions, complete surveys, and ultimately help to save lives.

We get dozens of emails and messages every day saying how we helped someone or other, we can’t help them if we can’t reach them.
I notice that, although you were very quick to take the time to contact me to moan about my posts, that you yourself have NEVER contributed a post to WHOF, why is that?

As you can see by the LIKES and COMMENTS on that post it was once again received well and many people have shared the album, so it will most definitely be re-posted at some point in the future. To save you the trouble of having to turn your mouse wheel 2 millimeters to scroll past it, I have removed you from the membership.

Thanks again for your message, and for your half hearted support.

Love as always – Kel

#17.)  Duty Free

Hater #17:

This weekend I am driving to Duham NC with 3 friends. I have looked up your address and we are going to teach you a lesson. Getting our pages banned just because we want to stop faggots teaching our kids was a big mistake. See you on Saturday.


Thank you so much for thinking of me whilst planning your trip, however I think that your lack of education probably cause by not wanting to be taught by people whose sexual orientation is none of your business, has made you look rather silly.

You see Marcus, I do live in Durham, but I live in Durham, England and not Durham, North Carolina., Which would mean that if you drove here you’d get very wet indeed.

I would suggest (apart from maybe studying geography and possibly reading my profile properly) that you type my address, which you claim to have looked up, into Google Earth and that will give you a better chance of actually getting here.

When you do arrive in England (I won’t hold my breath) and find your way to the North east, find my village and get past my three Rottweilers; I’ll be waiting with the kettle on.

PS please could you get me a few duty frees, vodka and any CK aftershave will do fine.

Take care poppet and have a lovely weekend.
Love Kel x

#18.)  Answer phone

Hater #18:

“I hate WHOF and I hate YOU, gay is stupid.”


I’m sorry I’m unable to answer your message at this time, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hater #18:

“OK. Thanks, I hate WHOF and I hate you.”



*** When he answered, I laughed so hard that my three dogs hid under the bed!!

#19.)  So Gay

And finally…

Paul Smith:

“I hate WHOF it’s so gay.”


I hate homophobia – it’s ridiculous, small minded and ignorant, or as I like to say – It’s so Paul Smith.


— Thank you for reading. Here is a link to the original screen shots in WHOF’s Facebook album.

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  1. Kel thanks for the facebook page and all the good work you put into it. I always love hearing the argument about the human race disappearing if everyone were gay. LOL! Do these people really think the how to of making babies is some big secret or a skill only they possess? Idiots.

  2. I love this. It never ceases to amaze me how much better it is to respond in a nice manner than to refuel the fire of bigotry.
    It is also a much better way to piss them off. You go Kel.

  3. peed. myself. laughing.

    Love you Kel and love all the great work you do. Huge kisses from your tranny (sic) sister in the colonies.

    Oh, give the three lads a pat on the head for me ? Right ?

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