HollyMae’s Tune Of The Day

HollyMae’s Tune Of The Day

Music – the life and soul of a species.

On the 17thApril this year I started a project. No doubt one that has been done before and one that will be done again in the future. After all, everything’s been done before, right? But this will have my own unique touch, of which I’m hoping you’ll find entertaining as well as enlightening.

So, this project; it’s musical. I wish to share with you the music that I’ve discovered during my trawls across the internet. Daily I will be posting an interesting music track on my page. It might be old, new, odd, compelling, classic or creepy and sometimes even downright confusing, and who knows?… you just might love it!

Genre is not an option; most of the time my iTunes has a hissy when I put it on random – it can’t cope!

I am aiming to choose my music tracks from all across the board; films, radio, tv (mostly sci fi), computer games and god help me, even the Eurovision Song Contest. Anyhoo, I’m hoping to make this quite big, pretty fun, and rather geeky, but unique and stylish.  In addition, I intend to make this a place where people can find new music for their collections as well as a place for people to openly express their geekery, feelings, heart and musical stories!

Being a fresh new page, I’ve only got a few songs on there at this point, but the plan is to keep on going, posting daily and to create a great musical network which will involve the sharing of my music discoveries and hopefully other people sharing theirs too – please feel free and don’t be shy, you’re invited to post your favorite music on the page — I welcome it!

Join me by finding the link below. If you ‘like’ this page, I promise to keep you entertained. When it goes well, eventually I will make a parallel page on a website which doesn’t involve the need to be signed up to Facebook. As the project continues I will add a little bonus information about the various songs —  such as musician tidbits and how I found the tune, etc…

Let me know what you think when you get there! After all, this will be a fun journey and I want to share it with you. Have a mull; it’ll be frelling awesome!


Tune in and join Holly’s Facebook Page here —-> HollyMae’s Tune Of The Day

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