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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


Hello Friends,

Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am Zane VanBaker, I have a vast knowledge in health, psychology, coaching, Human Resources and Personal Enhancement. I am very thankful for TabooJive for giving me the chance to be part of their family and I am looking forward to bring to you nothing but the best.

Today, I want to take the platform to write to you about the power of our mind. The word mind means the element of a person that enables him/her to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

On daily basis, we use our mind without even thinking about it, and just like our body, our mind needs its own rest, cleaning and exercise.

meditate-7Below are areas I practice daily to keep my mind in tip-top shape and I hope that you’ll find helpful:

1.) Rest – to give my mind its own resting time. I practice meditation, first thing every day, before I get my coffee, I meditate and let my mind feel the power of silence. You might ask, ‘I just woke up, wasn’t my mind already rested?’ The answer is: unfortunately no. When we go sleep, our sub consciousness takes over our mind and the mind starts processing all the information that we have digested all day long. Meditation is a conscious way of giving the mind a time to rest and enjoy a few moments of serenity.

2.) Cleaning – just like our bodies get dirty from our daily grind. The mind gets dirty by all the negative information that we are bombarded by daily; bad news, collapsing economy, foreclosures, job losses, politics, etc. Therefore, we need to cleanse our mind, and one way to cleanse your mind is to express your mind in writing. The mind becomes a tangled mess of thoughts after learning all the negative things that happened through the day. By consciously writing about what happened to you, you reset your mind and you’ll notice an emotional shift almost instantaneously. Start off writing by answering the three most importing questions: How am I feeling? Why I am feeling that way? And what you want to do about it? After recording this information, you’ll have something concrete to reflect upon; this will help you feel a sense of accomplishment, even if you haven’t “done” anything.

3.) Exercise – there are many exercises that you can do to train your brain. Sudoku, is a great way to train the brain. If you are a big technology person, play Words with Friends or Draw Something which are apps available for most smartphone or tablets. Also, I found this website to have great exercises for the brain; it’s free, and you can subscribe for added benefits – (Note: I do not own, nor I am associated with the website, or the other apps I mentioned, I am merely providing these as resources.)

In conclusion, the mind is a powerful part of our body and it requires the same attention that we give our bodies. And as Naomi Judd stated “Your body hears everything your mind says” so make sure that you keep your mind in a great shape, and your body, life, and experience will follow…

Till the next time, have a healthy and bright day!


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