Health Cares

Health Cares

By: J. Norice

Although it can honestly be stated that without medicine or doctors the survival rate of many Americans would be slim to none, it has been over 20 years and there still is not a cure for cancer. Part of the reason is money. Although thousands of dollars are put into medicine everyday. Much of that does not go into the research that it takes to find cures for the diseases and illnesses present.   In fact those who construct the research make much less than the doctors who write the prescriptions and construct the procedures. This should be a level playing field, seeing that you cannot have one without the other.

Those who do the research get funding in various forms such as donations, governmental grants, but realistically speaking that still isn’t enough.  When patients are submitted into the Emergency Room or even taking a trip to the family physician a portion of the payment should be sent to research, that way more money can be accumulated and more studies can be constructed and hopefully more diseases will be cured. This suggestion may not solve the issues,  but it will help to keep the process going and will also make more people aware.

Now being realistic, the average American may not give two cents about finding a cure. Typically a patient just wants a quick fix so they can be on their way. No one really cares until it’s affecting them directly. Don’t ignore those who struggle from Cancer until you find out that you or a loved one has been diagnosed. Educate yourself and help to solve the issue. America is our home and the people around us are our neighbors; help them and they shall do the same. Hopefully, overtime people will change their thoughts and learn to care, and not just old people and sick babies but adolescents, mothers, and fathers get sick all the same. As Americans we should all help each other, because whether you realize it or not you are affected by what happens to your fellow American.

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