Hate The Government?

Hate The Government?

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Just a few thoughts on this line of thinking.

When it comes to venting, be sure your anger and frustration are aimed in the right direction. People who rail so hard against the Government need to understand that Government is the only system set up in place to regulate corporations. Why?…because corporations are always using lobbyists trying to introduce and shape laws, set up loopholes, and find ways to rig the system so that Government will loosen regulations. Why? So corporations are free to make more money, which is their only purpose, no matter the cost in collateral damage, whether it’s to the environment, paying low wages or tax evasion, etc…

Bottom line: Do we have corrupt Government officials and representatives? Yes, but ultimately the Government is made of the people (us) who have the power to regulate and shape laws by voting. We also have a responsibility to expose corrupt Government officials, if and when necessary.

Here’s the thing: We can’t be talked into hating ourselves and demonizing the only system set up in place to protect us. Corporations have a psychopathic mission to make more money for it’s shareholders and will continually do everything it can to find ways to set the system up in it’s own favor, whatever the cost.

Love and protect the Government, because the Government is you!

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