Female Condoms: Taking a Bite Out of Rape!

Female Condoms: Taking a Bite Out of Rape!

By: Greg Tines

Fact: A woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped, than learning how to read.

The anti-rape condom being marketed as Rape-aXe was invented by South African, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, after treating a woman one night who had been brutally raped and lamented to Ehlers, “If only I had teeth down there.” Thus initiated the idea of Rape-aXe, which is essentially a female condom that women can put into their vagina to deter potential rapists.

Unlike popular belief, this isn’t a 100% preventive tool, Rape-aXe doesn’t stop a rape from occurring. It simply means that once a man forces his penis into a woman’s vagina, who’s wearing Rape-aXe, “like a tampon,” then the retractable sharp blades embedded into the condom will latch onto the perpetrator’s penis, bite into him and won’t let go.  The condom, once on a man’s penis, cannot be removed by anyone other than a doctor or professional. Dr. Ehlers’ hope in this feature was to provide indisputable proof that a man had, in fact, just raped a woman and thus had to walk straight into a hospital where he would hopefully, and probably, be arrested right away.

It sounds like the ultimate deterrent and/or revenge for rape. Since men cannot know who’s wearing one and who isn’t, it very well might prevent some men from even attempting to rape a woman simply because he knows there’s at least 1% chance or higher that she could have on Rape-aXe condom. In addition, with Rape-aXe being sold so cheaply, $2.00, then there is a very real possibility a woman could be packing one. Dr. Ehlers went so far in her research to interview already convicted rapists and asked them if they would have rethought their actions if they had known about Rape-aXe, and some said they would, though a small minority.

But there are some negative qualities, and not just for the men who might potentially rape a woman with Rape-aXe. Given that Rape-aXe cannot be removed unless taken to a medical professional, many critics have claimed that this could incite rapists to act even more violently, especially considering the power-control mentality that many rapists carry.

Others have criticized that it is a “medieval device” similar to the idea of a chastity belt, like journalist Lara Williams of The Guardian. While it can easily be debated that Rape-aXe and a chastity belt have very little in common, there are certainly legitimate worries about the effectiveness of Rape-aXe considering it had never been field-tested. Here is what Dr. Ehlers had to say about her product:

“The men are violent already, so I cannot make them more violent with Rape-aXe. And another thing is if they kill their victim, he will be in double trouble. Because he’s tagged, he cannot remove it, he’s got to go to a hospital, and then he’s identified.”

It’s not a pleasant view, and is a bit defeatist. “If they kill their victim, he will be in double trouble.” It is extremely unlikely that a rapist would be considering the consequences of his actions since he is committing a crime in the first place.

At a very minimum, Rape-aXe is laying the foundation for future endeavors with the intention of preventing rape; it still remains that the best measures to prevent rape are education and dialogue.


Note to the reader:  The promotion and awareness of this product may be just as or more effective on a rapists mind than the product itself. To promote and show support for a cause important to the freedom & flourishing of a woman’s right to live in peace and not fear. …please ‘share’ this article to your network and encourage them to ‘share’ – Rapists need a regulator – the awareness of this product is one good answer.

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  1. every woman should have one. we should give them to our daughters. rape is something that happens every day that is somewhat preventable if you have one of these brilliantly crafted chastity devices.

  2. I’m sorry but I take offense to even the creation of an object like this. Makes me want to find any woman that would wear one and shove a razor bladed dildo up her ass with a drill. If this device were to be used in the US lawsuits would fly, and I hate to be the one to break it to you but the rapist would win every time. Just like the burglars that sue when being paralyzed or injured by the homeowners. Sorry but this item goes too far into the realm of cruel and unusual for me to even laugh at it. And I sure as hell wouldn’t condone it’s use.

    1. I’m stunned you could even think to type that.
      How can you compare a burglar and a rapist? A burglar takes your possessions and a rapists takes your soul.
      If Rape-aXe is going to reduce the amount of women who are raped than I welcome them!

    2. You are wacked! Entering a vagina without permission is in no way comparable to entering a house without permission. No rapist will ever win a lawsuit from sustaining an injury the victim causes in her own self-defense. A victim being raped has the right to even kill the rapist. She is defending her life during the assault. Courses are taught on how women must defend themselves by using their car keys to gouge out the eyes of the rapist; use fingers to push & poke out the eyes; use the knee to injure the rapist’s penis; kick the rapist in the penis; and much more. This condom should be sold or given out freely in the U.S. for all women to wear. btw…in most of the U.S., there is some form of a “go ahead, make my day,” Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law that allows deadly force to be considered justified, and a defense of justifiable homicide. In the case of rape, for the victim to sustain a conviction, rape might require proof that the defendant had sexual penetration with another person. This new condom will leave markings on the rapist’s penis that assures a successful conviction!

  3. I don’t think that burglars and rapists are the same thing. The very isolated instances in which burglars did actually win their suits, or it was settled out of court, were mostly related to excessive force used by homeowners that left the burglars incapacitated and unable to work. Which, while I don’t agree with, is just another ridiculous part of the US’s legal system. But in terms of this device, it wouldn’t leave a man incapacitated and unable to work, and so I seriously doubt it would win any legal battles.

    I also wouldn’t call it cruel and unusual since whatever pain it causes is miniscule to what a woman feels while being raped. The female condom seems to just work as a means to catch a perp without having to do so much leg, i.e. cop, work to catch him.

    I see where you’re coming from in the case of it being a little over the top, since it essentially sounds like this device actually bites a man in his dick, but I think perhaps the mere presence of this device might steer away a percentage of men from possibly raping a woman. And those that are caught, well, it might drastically lower the recidivism rate of rapists.

    But who knows, I haven’t heard any cases of women even using the device, and so the research seems minimal at best in relating its effectiveness.

  4. if he had kept his dick in his pants and out of her, the rapist would be device-free. it’s like having a security system on a house, or a big dog. break down the door, the alarm activates or you wake up the pooch, and the robber gets caught. you rape me, and you’ll get really really hurt. no rape, no pain. yes, it’s extreme but if you don’t try to forcibly rape someone it is of no consequence, is it?

  5. This article focuses more on the man than on the victim of his crime. Sorry to bring this up, but what about the emotional baggage this might carry on a woman? When wearing it would she be more paranoid about a rape?

  6. This levels the playing field for womyn. Unless you are a womon and have been the victim of sexual violence then you can never EVER empathise with someone who has been raped. It is the most traumatic experience a human being can suffer, the psychological, emotional and physical damage it inflicts and leaves lasting is incalculable. Rape is a uniquely misogynistic weapon; there’s no equivalent trauma a man or womon can inflict upon a man. So for a womon to finally be able to defend herself in a way that will at least equal the violence done by her attacker is a significantl valuable weapon for womyn to arm themselves with.
    For anyone thinking this will only exacerbate male violence, they’re completely underestimating the amount of pain being stabbed in the penis would cause. The male groin is the most sensitive area of either gender’s body and even the smallest hit or abrasion against it will immediately divert the attacker’s attention, certainly long enough for the womon to get the hell away from him. And since only 6% of men accused of rape get convicted, it’ll be a lot easier and safer for womyn to bring prosecutions against their attacker and they’ll have unquestionable proof that this man has sexually assaulted her.
    These things give womyn a power and defense they’ve never had before. I can see nothing wrong, and everything right, with giving every womon on earth one of them. Until men get it through their stupid heads that womyn are not sexual commodities and stop violently forcing themselves on womyn then, sorry, but it’s time womyn had the power to fight back. If you want to destroy a womon’s humanity, rip apart her soul and violently devastate her body, then you should be prepared to have something similar done to you. Isn’t that the logic people use for capital punishment and gun ownership? Same thing, guys, it’s the same thing

    1. This is where you are wrong, I am a sexual child abuse victum, and I am male. So I do understand and can empathise them, What I will never be able to do is know what “THEY” themselves are feeling. But I do understand and agree with this product 100%. So before you go on your spout about only a female can understand, you might want to know it happens both ways. And oh by the way its spelled woman now womyn.

  7. This is awesome – full of win. At the very least, the perp will be momentarily stunned by the excruciating pain in his nether regions that the victim will have time to try to get away.

    Although…it’s sad that society has reached the point where a device like this is actually a reasonable idea.

  8. Hey I am a male and agree with this thing 100%. then manybe if it saves even 1 person then it worked. But got to be careful with the peoople who are setting people up and we know there are some out there who would. But thsi should of been out a long time ago…

  9. I think this is awesome for women in Africa, but this condom would and should be 100% illegal in the US. I can picture it now after a night of drinking out at the club and she forgets she has a condom in her for “consensual” sex lol. I am from Rhode Island, and I have never met a single person, man or woman even accused of rape. But more power to African women. I know if I lived there I’d have one of these on for sure.

  10. Greetings’
    This brings tears of anger to my eyes

    Wake up people.. this is way too simplistic
    invented by a man.. bull shit l say.. and i’m a man

    Rape is already violent… this would be a death sentence for the woman that wore this.

    An inflicted man, with his penis bloodied and impaled.. he is going to rip her head off. You cant fix this in place.. and once the word is out.. And that wouldn’t take long.. The woman’s body would be checked for any hidden devices… And I would rightly imagine.. Brutally

    What can a woman or women come up with..?

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