Our political stand? – While the name ‘Taboo Jive’ and the fact that we’re willing to address & discuss topics of controversy may automatically default us as politically ‘left of left’ – we intend to represent and encourage open, organic comments, opinions and arguments from all sides in our article writings and commentary. Whatever your politics  – say your piece!
The staff at Taboo Jive openly encourages the discussion of taboo topics, but the views and opinions shared by members, bloggers and writers do not reflect personal attitudes, views, or opinions held by the creators of Taboo Jive. They are instead a representation of the opinions of individuals partaking in discussion. As such, they symbolically reflect the value of freedom to speak one’s mind and participate in the composition of a message to be shared by all.

It is absolutely not the intention of Taboo Jive to infringe upon copy rights of other people’s work e.g. writings, photos, videos, etc… If we have posted something of yours that is copy written or trade marked and you wish for us remove it, please contact us immediately @ Taboojive@gmail.com

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