MMO versus BioWare

By: Ashley Wrigley The moment Star Wars: The Old Republic was open for beta, thousands of players have refused to look back at their old MMOs again. Why? Because BioWare is ingenious, and that’s just not me being biased. They changed the way we play RPGs and now they’ve…

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Dragon Age: Warden vs. Champion
Artwork by goku252525

Dragon Age: Warden vs. Champion

By: Ashley Wrigley After the huge success of Dragon Age: Origins—a game worthy of the rarely deemed description of 100% perfect—the anticipation for Dragon Age 2 was barely containable. The game trailer was officially categorized under “epic” as Origins’ “Sacred Ashes” trailer had. In case you never saw either,…


Mass Effect

By: Ashley Wrigley Take a moment to consider any emotionally intense film you’ve ever seen. Think of the war movies like We Were Soldiers and Saving Private Ryan and how they made you feel when the credits rolled. Think of Lord of the Rings, Blow, and Dark Knight. Like…


Bioware: All Their Endowments

By: Ashley Wrigley Sex sells. Fact. What sells better? Sex on the other end of a romance in a good story—or, at least, let’s hope so. It’s everywhere—in books, movies, and even video games. As viewers, we like seeing couples get together, share their first kiss, and even branch…

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