Why Workout when you can Playout?

We make every excuse not to exercise. No time. No equipment. No gym. No motivation! Exercise was never meant to be a chore. When we were kids we loved to exercise—we ran, we climbed, we skipped, we jumped—and we called it PLAY because it was fun. So why did…

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This Year’s Olympics

Any foreigner in Britain in 2012 must think the country was going through another world war. The amount of jingoism, flag-waving, anthem singing and hyperbole spilling out of the national media has gone into overdrive, suddenly proclaiming this country to be the 'greatest country ever', a claim that hasn't been…


Michael Vick Redeemed?

By: L. Laskey  Assigned to 23 months in the clink and, later home confinement, suspended from football and subsequently bankrupt, football phenomenon Michael Vick now seems to be riding the trajectory of redemption. Vick was jailed for willfully, knowingly, and actively participating in not only the business of dog-fighting…

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