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Sex at Northwestern University

By: Ray Rife – Imagine you’re a college student at a prestigious institution of higher learning taking a human sexuality class. You discuss the Kinsey Report and all the things traditionally associated with human sexuality. Then one day, your professor tells you about an after-class, optional lecture about kink and fetishes. The class has been interesting and there aren’t […]

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Spread Hate and Alienate

By: Jim Hoover Republicans are united in pettiness and vindictiveness. If that isn’t enough, they lie with impunity; for a media that checks veracity has long fled the American scene. The neo-conservative paradigm they must follow requires certain generic qualities; that is, if they don’t want to be drummed out of the party and not be privy to the untold millions coming from […]

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I Loved You Until I Friended You

By: Gina Volpe New studies released show that one in five divorce petitions cites Facebook. Well, duh. Aside from the obvious conclusion that Facebook allows you to spot and then divorce the jerks who feature acoustic guitars in their default photos and post badly-written, inane status updates; communicating with your significant other on the Internet is always a terrible idea. […]

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Hello Reefer, Goodbye Welfare

By: Gina Volpe Another day, another reason to stick my head in the oven. The latest black cloud on the horizon? Several states are considering laws that would require drug testing for welfare recipients, including those who receive unemployment benefits. I understand having to pass a drug test when you have a job, but now you have to pass a […]

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Going Against the Grain

How comfortable those seem to be while living their lives inside a shell of conformity. Traditions surround us everywhere we go, in everything we do, especially in what we wear, how we talk, and what television programs we decide to follow. Imagine yourself for a moment floating alone in this continuum without those restraints. Is it fear or freedom you […]

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Project Remember

By: Anthony Knolls The interesting thing about the Internet is that it has magnified man’s nature to gossip and to reveal things that were meant to be kept secret and spread them all over its digital canvas. Case in point, Wikileaks. Yet still many people don’t know that Leonardo da Vinci did a nude painting of Mona Lisa (they keep […]

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Parental Control

She grabs her son who’s crying, lifts him forcefully up in this jerking motion, and then screams word for word, “You’ve ruined my life! You’re always crying!” Right into the kid’s face. She then promptly disappears back to her car, or wherever, leaving my friend and me to scratch our collective heads and wonder what the hell was that all about. And then we laughed.

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For a Lone Lunatic, He Fits Right In

As I read the analysis’s of Laughner’s patchwork manifestos and cobbled-together, text based video blogs on the various news and opinion sites I frequent, I am struck both by how desperately the reasonable among us are trying to make sense of this rampage and how futile their efforts are. The only place the actions of Jared Laughner made sense was in his own deformed mind, and it is not unreasonable to suggest that they no longer make sense there either.

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Die Hipster Scum, Die!

Our parents had the Hippies, our older siblings had the Punks; and from the looks of things, we’re stuck with the Hipsters. I’m not trying to write a rant condemning all Hipsters (although with sufficient reader feedback I’d be happy to!) Instead, I’m just trying to make sense of what seems to be one of our generation’s most visible cultural products.

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