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Mitt Romney: No Future For Our Children

In 2006, Romney’s administration refused to let an anti-bullying guide be published because it contained the words “bisexual” and “transgender”.

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A Cautionary Tale

This is a work of fiction–but not a fantasy–based on a possible outcome of the November 6 U.S. election.

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“This Page Does Not Exist.”

Do you need help deciding which candidate is better for LGBT and marriage equality? Let me assist you. Click here: or here: I hope this little exercise convinces everyone who either is LGBT or who loves someone who is LGBT to vote Obama/Biden. When you click on the Romney link, this is what you see: In case you […]

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Matthew Shepard’s Legacy

Follow more from Faith McLay –> here. Fourteen years ago today, 21-year-old Matthew Wayne Shepard succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon him a few days earlier by two men he had met in a bar.  Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson later both received two consecutive life sentences for their crime. But this isn’t about them. This is about Matthew, a young […]

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Honor Their Memory: Re-elect Obama

October 7, 1998: Cyclist Aaron Kreifels spots what he takes for a scarecrow as he rides through a Wyoming field. When he sees the glistening blood, he realizes this is no scarecrow, and the brutally beaten University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard is rushed to a hospital, where five days later, on October 12, he finally succumbs to the savage […]

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Irish Survey Reveals Shockingly High Risk of Suicide Among Trans* People

Follow more from this author on Facebook here: Faith McLay A recent survey by the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland revealed rather horrifying numbers: 78 percent of respondents said they had considered suicide; 63 percent within the past year. Nearly 40 percent had attempted suicide at some point in their lives, and of these 40 percent — almost three quarters […]

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Why We’re Losing Ground in Bullying Prevention

I’ve been writing this blog article for about a week now, in my mind.  Each time I thought I was ready move it from my mind to my fingers and onto my keyboard, that voice inside me would say “wait!  not yet”.  Normally, I hate when that happens.  That usually signals to onset of another bout of Writer’s Block, every […]

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The All-American Flag of Homophobia

What the plaintiffs are alleging is diabolical–for a political organization to steal an image, and demonize a couple’s love and privacy, in order to peddle bigotry and hate to win votes.

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Intersex, Part Two: Marriage Equality

This isn’t about “gay marriage” – bisexuals wish to marry as well – and it’s not a matter of “same-sex marriage” either, because this one still leaves intersex people in uncertainty.

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Intersex, Part One: Biology, Medicine, and Society

There are two sexes within the human species that are opposites, right? And they’re determined by the configuration of a person’s chromosomes or what their genitalia look like, right? You are either male or female, and either way it’s all really simple and clear. Or is it? Nah, come on, nature is never that boring. I am, of course, talking […]

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