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Tiger…let’s try a new approach to your career.

By: Ray Rife Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. (Wait.) What was your initial reaction when you read that name? Disgust? Pity? Hatred? Respect? Awe? I’m sure for many people what they thought of Tiger Woods prior to Thanksgiving weekend 2009 has changed since then. Tiger was dominant on the golf course and a good role model for family men. You can […]

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Sex at Northwestern University

By: Ray Rife – Imagine you’re a college student at a prestigious institution of higher learning taking a human sexuality class. You discuss the Kinsey Report and all the things traditionally associated with human sexuality. Then one day, your professor tells you about an after-class, optional lecture about kink and fetishes. The class has been interesting and there aren’t […]

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What Does The King’s Speech and Pornography Have in Common?

By: Thomas Hinderick It’s an interesting question. One that perhaps has been widely publicized this past week on the Internet and other media by numerous pundits wanting to get in on the spectacle. What I’m talking about is the set in the Lionel Logue’s office scenes in The King’s Speech being used to shoot gay porn in the past. This […]

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I Just Wanna Touch It

By: Andrea Elizabeth What do you do when your CHILD is clearly having a sexual moment in front of you? For most parents in the USA, their first and final decision is to scold and punish the child. Well, psychologists claim this is completely wrong way to respond. As a parent (or caregiver), it is your responsibility to keep your […]

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