Cannabis: The American Sacrament

By Kenny Smith In an intriguing piece written for the New York Times, journalist David Segal traces out some of the early consequences of President Obama’s October 2009 announcement that federal law enforcement will no longer prosecute users and suppliers of medical marijuana, provided they are in compliance with…


The Secrets of UFO Engineering

By OcJim Over a long period of history, dating back to even before biblical times, tens of thousands of people have observed unknown objects in the skies.  Some ten percent of modern sightings (2009 in Italy, above and 1927 in Oregon, below) of a phenomena we call UFOs, cannot…


Fracking Crazy

By Jim Hoover Flaming faucets, poisoned water, chemical burns, and even earthquakes could be a legacy of Dick Cheney, our last Vice President of the United States. His secretive energy agreement with energy company big-wigs during  Bush's first term still does widespread damage to Americans; but one corrosive practice…

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