The Best Of All Possible Worlds

We all read Voltaire’s “Candide” in our school days and the mantra still ricochets in our heads, “Oh yes, this is the best of all possible worlds” as the hero Dr. Pangloss goes about his series of misadventures. Voltaire was satirizing the words of an intellectual giant, a fellow…


Faith in the Unknown

Could you even imagine an airship originating from another world – autonomous, or maybe flown or guided by an alien creature? Even our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – commonly called drones you probably haven’t seen, unless you live in Pakistan, Somalia, or Yemen, not a welcome sight, I’m sure.…


Philosophy: Pull it from the Tower

One of mankind’s greatest intellectual triumphs is its discovery of a love of wisdom commonly known as Philosophy. Unfortunately, especially in the United States, any mention of the term solicits a roll of the eyes and an insult about an ivory tower or some scatterbrained professor with mismatched socks.…

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