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United States Army to Make War More Like a “Video Game”

The pentagon announced yesterday that the armed forces would be working together with Activision, the studio most known for the best-selling “Call of Duty” video game franchise, in order to help combat rising suicide rates and low morale in enlisted personnel. The pairing of the largest military on the planet with a video game producer might surprise some; but it’s […]

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Dumb Grid, Dumb Congress

The 90s: twenty mass power outages a year, Today we have a hundred, I fear. Extreme weather events, while Congress snores, And down a proverbial rat hole, some $50 billion pours.   A century ago, we funded progress and beyond, And laid power grid foundations — now Congress yawns Population rises, technology explodes, but leaders and leadership simply implode.   […]

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Toilet Shooters

By: Victoria Mennel Tim and Jerry stand a hundred yards from their projected goal. Two mildewed toilets sitting on a flat surface. Both men hold a nine iron in one hand and a can of Budweiser in the other. The morning is crisp with promise, they agree. Tim wears his lucky trousers with the zipper that never works and a […]

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Chicken Little Confirmed: Financial Chaos Coming!

The announcement of disingenuous Speaker of the House, John Boehner, threatening a worse fight over a budget ceiling, could mean even more dire consequences. Boehner’s announcement was somewhat subdued this time, revealing dull, fish eyes.

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Strip for Collars

Their ruling involved Albert W. Florence who was strip-searched after being wrongly detained over a traffic fine. In fact, the fine was already paid and he displayed an official receipt to officers who stopped him.

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There is really nothing that special about me, and I don’t view myself as strikingly attractive but men of all ages and marital status seem to be drawn to me. I am quite the tom-boy and lucky enough to have a body to match, even thought I am well into my mid-fifties.

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The Will to Comfort

By: Eddie Vince It was Albert Camus that postulated that we must look at Sisyphus, the Ancient Greek myth of a king punished by the gods to roll the same boulder up a hill for eternity, and picture him as happy. Camus looked into the face of the absurdity of life, and rather than concluding with nihilism, like so many […]

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The Sentient Vegetables

By: Eddie Vince New scientific evidence suggests that vegetables are sentient beings that have similar feelings and senses that other animals have. While it’s not entirely sure whether or not they’re aware of their consciousness like humans, vegetables are now beginning to be recognized as life forms not unlike that of dogs, cats, cows, elephants, and such. With this new […]

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A Decent Proposal

By: Eddie Vince Many are worried about the economy, not only in the States but everywhere. Some suggests fiscal conservatism and minimalist government intervention within the free market, while others suggest the government needs to step into unethical and destructive business practices preying on the people. Well, I think I’ve found a reasonable compromise. My proposal is to eat old […]

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