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In the Name of God

In the Name of God

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There is Something About Mary Magdalene, Part IV

Unfortunately for Mary, misrepresentations where first popularized by the Church itself and those representations have become the source for the popular culture portrayals.

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Dope vs Pope?

Whom will you follow? Whom will you listen to — the red-cheeked fat man on the left or the kindly-looking ascetic wearing the pope hat on the right? Since his choosing in March of this year, Pope Francis has become somewhat of a spiritual rock star, charming Catholics and non-Catholics alike – many of them, anyway — with his statements […]

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I Couldn’t Make Him Stop. I’m Sorry.

I run my hands over my thighs to smooth my skirt. I’m nervous so my leg is bouncing. I notice it and force myself to hold still then I smooth my skirt again. The big, fluffy arm chair I’m enveloped in is too comfortable. The dissonance between it’s squishy softness and the sharp, pointed tingling of my nerves is disconcerting. […]

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The Tea Party — Billionaire Scam?

Are politicians like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio populist Tea Party vintage or just tools of the very rich? Is the obstruction caused by Tea Party representatives in Congress really grass-roots, or is it runaway ideologues playing for attention and uncontrolled by their corporate sponsors (witness Tea Party circus scenes above)? The Tea Party […]

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Bisexuality, Sin and Self-destruction

By: Valarie Clark Why is it that over 40% of bisexual people have considered suicide?  The answer is a complex one, and I do not intend to speak for all bisexuals when I tell you a little of my own story.  I can speak to a few of the reasons that will resonate with folks who have been raised in a […]

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Q&A With Poet James Schwartz On Being Q&A

James Schwartz is the author of The Literary Party: Growing up Gay and Amish In America, a work of poems and short stories.   His poetry can also be found in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets On the Mid-Western Experience, Milk and Honey Siren: A Nostrovia! Poetry Anthology and All Poetry is Prayer: A Fire Anthology.  He is currently at […]

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A Type 0 Civilization

Planet Earth is inhabited by a Type 0 civilization, one which gorges on fossil fuels for energy, ideologically wants to retreat to the past, and fearfully searches for threatening shadows. We are stumbling toward a Type I civilization, considering the use of solar power, wind power, and other renewable types of energy, but we are almost hopelessly held back by […]

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Philosophy: Pull it from the Tower

One of mankind’s greatest intellectual triumphs is its discovery of a love of wisdom commonly known as Philosophy. Unfortunately, especially in the United States, any mention of the term solicits a roll of the eyes and an insult about an ivory tower or some scatterbrained professor with mismatched socks. All the pea brains laugh and that’s the end of the […]

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Female Circumcision: Man Myths and Mutilation

The word circumcise is defined as ‘the cutting off of the prepuce or clitoris’.  This age-old practice of mutilating the genitals was originally thought to be a religious rite, but nothing could be further from the truth. The history of both male and female circumcision can be traced as far back as the early 1800’s. As myths and scant documentation […]

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