I Couldn’t Make Him Stop. I’m Sorry.

I run my hands over my thighs to smooth my skirt. I’m nervous so my leg is bouncing. I notice it and force myself to hold still then I smooth my skirt again. The big, fluffy arm chair I’m enveloped in is too comfortable. The dissonance between it’s squishy…


Q&A With Poet James Schwartz On Being Q&A

James Schwartz is the author of The Literary Party: Growing up Gay and Amish In America, a work of poems and short stories.   His poetry can also be found in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets On the Mid-Western Experience, Milk and Honey Siren: A Nostrovia! Poetry Anthology and…


Philosophy: Pull it from the Tower

One of mankind’s greatest intellectual triumphs is its discovery of a love of wisdom commonly known as Philosophy. Unfortunately, especially in the United States, any mention of the term solicits a roll of the eyes and an insult about an ivory tower or some scatterbrained professor with mismatched socks.…

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