No matter how I try to approach something meaningful to say, it falls short. I must confess to being extremely overwhelmed by the barrage of memes, points of view, pontification, heated opinions, heartbreaking images, and politics of it all. It's just so many words, not one of which can…


The High-Court Test for Marriage Equality

On November 6, three more states joined the ranks of the enlightened by passing marriage equality. Now nine states (Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington) plus the District of Columbia are entitled to the moniker “equality state,” and deserve applause for riding the…


“This Page Does Not Exist.”

Do you need help deciding which candidate is better for LGBT and marriage equality? Let me assist you. Click here: or here: I hope this little exercise convinces everyone who either is LGBT or who loves someone who is LGBT to vote Obama/Biden. When you click on…

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