No real genius at the top, just ruthless privilege

You often hear egregious chatter by apologists for the wealthy, conspicuously mouthed by puppeteers of the rich, who almost exclusively come from the Republican Party. They say that the opulent are the ultimate god-given product of a meritocracy. The corporate executives (like Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, for example)…


Skewer the Women; Join the Kochs

A Harvard graduate and former Marine says gays are “perverted” and “very sick people psychologically, mentally, and emotionally.” Obama has “Muslim sensibilities.” Planned Parenthood can be compared to the KKK. Bishop E.W. Jackson is running for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia as a Republican. Ken Cuccineli, the Republican candidate for…


Political Use of IRS

Political use of the IRS by past presidents was much more problematic than any current use by the Obama administration. In many cases, Democrats and Republicans use the IRS against targets more personal and with a lot less moral justification. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s frequent use of the IRS…

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