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The Power of Positive Thinking

What is Positive Thinking?? Positive thinking is an optimistic attitude towards life-events in general. Once understood and applied correctly, positive thinking can yield amazing results on your attitude, life, and your overall experience! See the equation of life is quite simple; everything starts in our mind, then manifest into our physical life. And as simple as it may seem, people […]

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Hello Friends, Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am Zane VanBaker, I have a vast knowledge in health, psychology, coaching, Human Resources and Personal Enhancement. I am very thankful for TabooJive for giving me the chance to be part of their family and I am looking forward to bring to you nothing but the best. Today, I […]

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Grand Old Tea Party

Reactionaries are extremely conservative, especially opposed to social change, wanting to keep or return to past cultural values. Definitions always seem cut and dried, not allowing for nuance, but this definition perhaps lets us understand what is driven by the Grand Old Tea Party (GOTP, formerly less aptly called the GOP). Ted Cruz, starkly reminiscent of the McCarthy era, perhaps […]

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Trauma, Sex and Bi Women

Authored by: Shiri Eisner * Trigger warning: explicit discussion of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Imagine a 14-year-old girl, just beginning her 9th grade. Her classmates know that she’s bisexual – she’s told them about it, assuming that (like her) everyone else is also accepting. But when she walks the hallways of her school, she often hears the word “lesbo” […]

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The Weight of Feminism

“As a society, we encourage girls and women to be emotionally accessible, and in touch with their feelings; we say that it’s an innately feminine trait. We say it, that is, until they have feelings that make us uncomfortable, at which point we recast them as melodramatic harpies, shrieking banshees, and basket cases.” – Tori Amos Call me a feminist. Go […]

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Bisexuality, Sin and Self-destruction

By: Valarie Clark Why is it that over 40% of bisexual people have considered suicide?  The answer is a complex one, and I do not intend to speak for all bisexuals when I tell you a little of my own story.  I can speak to a few of the reasons that will resonate with folks who have been raised in a […]

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Catch-Phrase Culture

By: Ryan Kohlsdorf Recently I posted a picture containing a spiritual message about violence and strength, which included the caption, “The stronger we become the gentler we will be.”  A day after it was posted, a reader responded with the adage, originally Roman but reclaimed and contextualized by Ronald Reagan, “Peace through Strength.” At first glance, this pseudo-conservative ideology seems […]

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The Best Of All Possible Worlds

We all read Voltaire’s “Candide” in our school days and the mantra still ricochets in our heads, “Oh yes, this is the best of all possible worlds” as the hero Dr. Pangloss goes about his series of misadventures. Voltaire was satirizing the words of an intellectual giant, a fellow by the name of Leibniz (co-inventor of the Calculus), and after […]

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It’s Winning — not issues!!

It was 30 seconds of Melissa Harris-Perry on an MSNBC promo for education, community, and family, but some 65 minutes of Fox News and media-gorging on other right-wing sources – all like feral dogs after raw meat. Melissa’s statement: We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private […]

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History should point us in the right direction

Most of you have all heard the saying or its paraphrase, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” words actually written by George Santayana. This concept has a special meaning now when special interests – those with an agenda – try to guide us in their direction. The special interests include plutocrats and their agents, principally […]

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