Is Your Teen Protecting His Front End?
A little Shaggin Wagon protection

Is Your Teen Protecting His Front End?

  By: Amy Shakewell Being the wonderful single parent that I am, I thought big and safe was the way to go with the first car for my 16 year old son. WRONG!! I didn’t hear “sweet ride” or “nice wheels.” No! What I heard, to my horror, was…

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Rays “Boom-Boom” Room – Vol. 4: Dr. Manning Marable; Education; Michelle Bachman

By: Ray Rife – Welcome to Ray’s “Boom-Boom” Room. I feel like I may be tooting my own horn in this instance, but helping someone to move is a true confirmation in friendship. Moving is terrible. So many people move differently. You can have the late packer who…

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The CHILDsupport

By: J. Norice Historically, child support has been thought of to serve as a middle ground between two parents to financially support the child.  Modern day child support cases don’t always work that way. Typically money is taken out of the paycheck of the payer, which is usually the…


Parental Control

She grabs her son who's crying, lifts him forcefully up in this jerking motion, and then screams word for word, "You've ruined my life! You're always crying!" Right into the kid's face. She then promptly disappears back to her car, or wherever, leaving my friend and me to scratch our collective heads and wonder what the hell was that all about. And then we laughed.

I Just Wanna Touch It
Open, age-appropriate communication about sexuality is a part of good parenting.

I Just Wanna Touch It

By: Andrea Elizabeth What do you do when your CHILD is clearly having a sexual moment in front of you? For most parents in the USA, their first and final decision is to scold and punish the child. Well, psychologists claim this is completely wrong way to respond. As…

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