Nickelback – Rockstar

Taboo Jive's featured song of the week is Rockstar, by Nickelback. This song had an undeniable pull and popularity to it when it was first released back in August of 2006. 'The lyrics can be taken as generalization of the stereotypical rockstar lifestyle celebrating material success at the expense…

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Yuja Wang Performs

By Jim Hoover In August of 2011 at the Hollywood Bowl, Pianist Yuja Wang, the 24-year-old Chinese soloist, struck many glorious chords on the piano, chords that Sergei Rachmaninoff composed for his first tour of the United States as a pianist in 1909. Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto is considered by…


Revisiting Kurt Cobain’s Death

By: James Daniels Listen to any rock station on the radio and you may think Nirvana is alive and well. Their hits are still playing widely across most major radio stations. Likewise, you can still find their albums at any major retailer. Thus, to any Nirvana fan out there,…

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