Pi expresses the universal desire to know the ineffable, and then to fail, go through a mental breakdown, and yet still try again.


Johnny Suede

By: Dan Mitchells Johnny Suede is that odd combination of surrealism and melodrama to the point that it was humorous—though I'm not quite sure whether the humor was always intentional. Made back in 1991, the same year Brad Pitt (the main actor) dazzled audiences with his performance in Thelma…


Tank Girl

By: Daniel Minox Tank Girl is the 1995 film adaptation of the British comic book of the same name. It's a science fiction story set in 2033 in a future desecrated by a comet that destroyed the surface of the Earth and made it look like any generic mid-Western…


Skid Row; 18 and Life

"The song was written by guitarist Dave Sabo after he read a newspaper article about an 18 year old named Ricky who was sentenced to life imprisonment for accidentally shooting his friend. "18 and Life" is the second single from Skid Row's 1989 eponymous debut album. The song was…


The Apple

By: Gregory Friedericks I don't know how to classify The Apple. It's somewhere in between a musical and a modern-day remake of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, all set to a disco beat. With an interesting array of costumes that spanned from colorful spandex, feathered boas, glittering…


Un Chien Andalou

By: Dan Minchkin Un Chien Andalou (which translates An Andalusian Dog) was directed Luis Bunuel and written by both Bunuel and Salvador Dali. If you're unfamiliar with Bunuel's work, then you should at least be familiar with Dali's iconic surrealist work, which comes across in the 1929 silent surrealistic…

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