The Truth About Marijuana

By: Sean May I wrote this article to discuss what many people have been misinformed about. I intend this to bring up a bunch of subjects and interesting debates for good conversation and not the typical "MAKE IT LEGAL!" stoner rambling. It seems pretty clear when you have all…


NBC Universal, Comcast Merge

One of the most common supporting arguments of mergers is that mergers create more efficient, more effective entities producing a better end product for its consumers. This argument defies basic logic when it comes to the motivation of a company. With a dominant market share of an industry, there is a seeming lack of external factors that would motivate firms to produce at their best.

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Michael Vick Redeemed?

By: L. Laskey  Assigned to 23 months in the clink and, later home confinement, suspended from football and subsequently bankrupt, football phenomenon Michael Vick now seems to be riding the trajectory of redemption. Vick was jailed for willfully, knowingly, and actively participating in not only the business of dog-fighting…

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