Legalize Polygamy & Prostitution

By: Raelea C. Phillips Many liberals are pro gay marriage and believe a woman should have the right to choose; but they are against legalizing polygamy and prostitution. At least most conservatives are consistently against the freedom of choice in all four realms. Has either side thought about a…


Project Remember

By: Anthony Knolls The interesting thing about the Internet is that it has magnified man's nature to gossip and to reveal things that were meant to be kept secret and spread them all over its digital canvas. Case in point, Wikileaks. Yet still many people don't know that Leonardo…


For a Lone Lunatic, He Fits Right In

As I read the analysis’s of Laughner’s patchwork manifestos and cobbled-together, text based video blogs on the various news and opinion sites I frequent, I am struck both by how desperately the reasonable among us are trying to make sense of this rampage and how futile their efforts are. The only place the actions of Jared Laughner made sense was in his own deformed mind, and it is not unreasonable to suggest that they no longer make sense there either.


Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

By: Denise Fabec  In the last few years, we certainly have been living up to our reputation as a free nation.  With the outsourcing of jobs, corporate cutbacks, and millions of square miles of empty commercial property on hand, it has most definitely become a buyer’s market for goods…

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