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Scam/Hoax: Climate Change or Right-Wing Thinking?

After 52 passengers were rescued from a research ship trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve, right-wing fixtures of radio and TV unctuously mocked and ridiculed not only global warming claims but also the climate change scientists who tried to record its signs. Such ridicule is akin to going to a Green Bay Packer game in January and saying a […]

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Homebrew Ayahuasca Guide

Ayahuasca in any of its forms is not a recreational experience. Anyone seeking that or escapism should look elsewhere. It does however have the potential of producing profound benefits and healing. The information beneath is to serve as a guideline only, and people should proceed slowly and cautiously. Why brew at home? Partaking of ayahuasca in a safe space of […]

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Dope vs Pope?

Whom will you follow? Whom will you listen to — the red-cheeked fat man on the left or the kindly-looking ascetic wearing the pope hat on the right? Since his choosing in March of this year, Pope Francis has become somewhat of a spiritual rock star, charming Catholics and non-Catholics alike – many of them, anyway — with his statements […]

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Unemployment, Low Wages, Ponzi Scheme & Crash?

Congress – as now constituted – will not serve us. We have ample evidence that all GOP allegiance is to the rich, certainly not the people. Furthermore, too many Democrats tend to serve Wall Street, let’s say are not aggressive about our basic need of jobs, a fair share of national income, and freedom from corporate fraud. The old fraud […]

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New Word for Republicans

We need a new word to describe most Republicans, one to fit a behavior that harms the most vulnerable Americans. Words already in the dictionary don’t exactly fit, so I came up with a new one. It is misGOPpath. And to follow proper form, it becomes misgoppath. I have discarded misanthrope because it defines someone who hates people or dislikes […]

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CBS 60 Minutes Follows Fox News

I have always held CBS’s Sixty Minutes in high esteem, that is until a few days ago when I learned that their eye-witness informant’s claim that he was there the night of the Benghazi attack, heroically scaling the 12 foot wall and encountering al Qaeda, was false. He claimed the Obama administration could have sent help. All was a lie. […]

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Ignorance in Education: Black Panther Party vs. KKK

Via: Jamie Green Over the course of a few days, I’ve been learning about cults in my forensic psychology class. During this class, my professor made a slide in power point about extremist groups. In this slide, the KKK and the Black Panther Party were lumped together. My professor stated that “the KKK started with a bunch of guys in […]

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International Child Trafficking: The Unfortunate Prevalence of Slavery

Follow more from Angel McLay –> here. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “child trafficking”? A low-tech sweatshop somewhere in China, where kids are forced to make cheap sneakers? A rich, old bastard visiting some seedy brothel in Russia’s underworld to satisfy his illegal appetites? Or one of your neighbors locking up a 14-year-old girl in their house, […]

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Dogs of Default

The Navy Yard shooting rampage highlights the ravages of a gun culture, but soon we’ll need to look at the potential carnage caused by the budget fight and its hostage-taking. Republicans, with Ted Cruz standing at the forefront, are – in effect – figuratively holding a gun to Obama’s head regarding a duly passed piece of legislation — the Affordable […]

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GOP Scorched Earth Policy to Kill Health Care

If American voters would make Republicans pay for their odious misdeeds, most of our governing problems would be over. There is a lot to be despised about Republican rhetoric and Republican actions, but probably the most reprehensible at this time is their plan to destroy government along with the lives of over 40 million uninsured Americans. Add to that, spitefully […]

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