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From the Stories of Philosopher, Alan Watts: The Earth is People-ing

From the Stories of philosopher, Alan Watts… Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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Planned Parenthood: Necessity or Luxury?

By: Max P. Domer Since its spiritual founding in 1916, Planned Parenthood has had its share of controversy. When Margret Sanger, an early proponent of birth control and the original president of what would become the organization we have today, founded the first American birth control clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was incarcerated. From then on, the organization went through […]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools – An Analysis

By: James Daniels Many people would like to send their children to private schools. However, not everyone has the money to do so. With expenses such as taxes, groceries, housing, and transportation, there is often little room left to send little Johnny or Jane to a private school. The following is an analysis of the quality of education in each […]

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So Help Me Jesus

Anyone who has attended college, I hope has had the pleasure of witnessing the Bible Blasters that often occupy the campus’ free speech area. You may ask, “Bible Blasters?” I refer to them as Bible Blasters for the sole reason that one or 2 (usually) men occupy the free speech area and yell bible verses at the passing students, and […]

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Sex at Northwestern University

By: Ray Rife – Imagine you’re a college student at a prestigious institution of higher learning taking a human sexuality class. You discuss the Kinsey Report and all the things traditionally associated with human sexuality. Then one day, your professor tells you about an after-class, optional lecture about kink and fetishes. The class has been interesting and there aren’t […]

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Why the Banning of Ethnic Studies Is A Good Thing

By: Alexander Cain             New Year’s Day is often a time to reflect on the past and make new promises for the future. The state of Arizona used the opportunity to enact the end of ethnic studies in the state. The bill, HB 2281, bans schools in Arizona public schools from teaching classes that promote a specific ethnic group and […]

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For-Profit Colleges

It’s not that surprising to hear people make jokes about for-profit colleges like Devry, University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, and the like, and the illegitimacy of the type of education they offer.

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Splintering Effects

There comes a point where, in order to fully represent our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our nation’s core is to recognize Islam as a fully autonomous, free will society that, as a religion, has the freedom to grow and develop in its own path and not one that is paved by anyone else.

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Where’s B.O.B.?

By: Amy Shakewell              One year I had plans to head North to my mother’s house for Christmas. It had been over 16 years since my three siblings and I have had Christmas together. It was a much anticipated trip.  The day before the trip I’m getting things all set to go and had a male friend over to instruct […]

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