Crime and Punishment for the Younger Set

This past June the Supreme Court overturned mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for minors on the grounds that it constituted “cruel and unusual punishment” under the 8th amendment.  This comes on the heels of similar humanitarian rulings, such as getting rid of the death penalty for…


The New Jim Crow

By OcJim Like many others I thought the election of a black president marked the end of bias and racism in our country. Even the coded -- He’s not one of us – rather unsubtle suggestion, portrayed by birthers and Tea Partyers against Barack Obama might be seen as…


Cannabis: The American Sacrament

By Kenny Smith In an intriguing piece written for the New York Times, journalist David Segal traces out some of the early consequences of President Obama’s October 2009 announcement that federal law enforcement will no longer prosecute users and suppliers of medical marijuana, provided they are in compliance with…

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