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O’Reilly’s Love Fest

I would wonder if even the most stricken Bill O’Reilly fans could stomach the narcissistic love fest Bill engaged in after his interview with President Obama on Super Bowl weekend. Even Steven Colbert’s excellent parody couldn’t equal real life – that is if you aren’t blinded by decades of odious self-idolatry on decades of O’Reilly’s shows. The pity is that […]

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This Father Just DESTROYED Society’s Definition Of Beauty. This Is Perfect.

Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a licensed clinical psychologist and happy father of three, keeps a fantastic blog, full of wonderful opinions and personal advice. He has made a habit out of writing letters to his young daughter, to help teach her about the world. But not only his daughter could benefit from reading his wise words. Check out what he had to say […]

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The Koch Control & Misinformation Network?

Misinformation, even outright lying, seems to be becoming a way of life in almost all of our media. It saturates our lives everywhere – TV, internet, billboards, buses, skywriting, even foreign websites like Asia Times spread misinformation through ads. A few million dollars for the Koch brothers is like pennies to the rest of us. We wouldn’t stop to pick […]

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“Bridgegate” is Global

The lane closures on the George Washington Bridge during four days last September, including the first day of school and the anniversary of 9/11, had significance well beyond Chris Christie and New Jersey politics. Hanging over our heads, is an attitude, an operative mode that favors individual or corporate interests over the common good. The lane closure revelation bumps up […]

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America Polarized

The chances are good that if your extended family got together for Thanksgiving dinner this year, there was a bitter political discussion. For Americans, according to Pew Research, values and beliefs are more polarized along partisan lines than at any point in the past 25 years, perhaps extended even back to the Civil War. This condition is no accident. It […]

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Grand Old Tea Party

Reactionaries are extremely conservative, especially opposed to social change, wanting to keep or return to past cultural values. Definitions always seem cut and dried, not allowing for nuance, but this definition perhaps lets us understand what is driven by the Grand Old Tea Party (GOTP, formerly less aptly called the GOP). Ted Cruz, starkly reminiscent of the McCarthy era, perhaps […]

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No One is Born a Man

Will I ever be a real man? I can feel my breasts moving inside my binder, rubbing together, I feel so uncomfortable. I struggle to breathe. I close my eyes to clear my head but then I fear someone may hurt me.

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CBS 60 Minutes Follows Fox News

I have always held CBS’s Sixty Minutes in high esteem, that is until a few days ago when I learned that their eye-witness informant’s claim that he was there the night of the Benghazi attack, heroically scaling the 12 foot wall and encountering al Qaeda, was false. He claimed the Obama administration could have sent help. All was a lie. […]

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Chris Christie — Another Bush?

Bush won big in Texas in 1998. Chris Christie won big in New Jersey in 2013. Both based their presidential strength on big wins, but Christie on bi-partisan agreements as well — the latter thanks to bargaining with a Democrat power broker, Norcross. Christie is a politician full of bravado, bully and bluster. Perhaps all three of these personality traits […]

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Ignorance in Education: Black Panther Party vs. KKK

Via: Jamie Green Over the course of a few days, I’ve been learning about cults in my forensic psychology class. During this class, my professor made a slide in power point about extremist groups. In this slide, the KKK and the Black Panther Party were lumped together. My professor stated that “the KKK started with a bunch of guys in […]

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